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Say Hello To The Kitten Eye — The Cat Eye’s Chic Little Sister!

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No matter how simple some beauty looks seem, we tend to spend hours watching YouTube tutorials to understand how to do them well, but never actually end up trying them when we’re dressing up for a night out. It’s a lot of effort and we’re always short on time! So some quick eyeliner (or kohl) and lipstick and you’re through, right?

But girls, there’s always an easy way out. While I admit that mastering the cat-eye takes some serious effort (we’ve simplified it for you here), here’s a chic alternative that you can nail right on the first try! Hard to believe? Presenting the kitten eye.

A kitten eye is a milder version of the classic cat eye. Defined by smaller, shorter strokes, it gives you a softer look that’s perfect for wearing during the day. This look is so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it out all this time. All you need to do is line your eyes lightly above the lashline going towards the outer corners, and stop short of giving them long exaggerated flicks that you usually do with the cat eye. Then gently smudge them in for perfectly subtle, playful kitten eyes.

Even if you’e perfected the cat eye, the look can feel a little too heavy for work. you KNOW how time-consuming it is to get right. I’m not even taking into consideration the time it takes to clean up if you make a mess. But the kitten eye is something you can wear on the daily without too much effort. The finished look is so pretty that you’ll probably want to wear it for date night with a deep red pout too. Now you actually have something besides cat eyes and a bare eye look to choose from. Cool, right?

cat eye’s little sister, the kitten eye, is the perfect amount of feline fierceness to rock while the sun is up.


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