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#Hautelist: We Found A Peel Off Mask That Clears Your Skin And Keeps It Hydrated

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The weather has been fluctuating between hot and cold, like a guy with commitment issues and I don’t know how to feel about it. My skin, on the other hand, has been perennially feeling the same — itchy and dry. At this point I have a pile of empty moisturiser bottles in my room. Yeah, I like to collect empty containers;  I guess I get that from my mom (out of all the other good things I could inherit from her!) I mean, I have spent half of my salary in buying face creams that’ll leave my skin supple and glowing. But to my dismay, that only lasts for a couple of hours and it’s back to square one. It’s terrible because I have watched movies that last longer than that, at a fraction of the investment I make in cold creams. If someone paid me each time I vehemently applied a moisturiser on my face through the course of the day, I would be sitting on a mountain of money and not empty boxes. But since nobody does that, emptiness and poverty is all I have, apart from of course, terribly dry skin.

So, how do we tackle this beauty dry spell? I switched to face masks that “hydrate”. You know giving it a shot but thought they won’t work and they didn’t! My skin is so parched it can put a virgin to shame. In fact, at this point, my cheeks feel like Sahara desert and very soon I’d probably have cacti growing on my skin. So I dropped that idea as well and thankfully so. I then switched to peel off masks and I found the one that’s gonna be in my skincare kit every winter.

It’s the Nykaa Go For Glow Hydrating peel-off mask. Let me tell you, I had lost faith and when I bought this one, I wasn’t convinced that it will do my skin any good. But I took the risk of my money getting wasted (did I mention I am broke AF?) What should I say, I like living on the edge! The packaging of this product is so cute and attractive. That was one of the reasons it caught my attention in the first place, especially the holographic blue!

Okay, so I stood in front of the mirror with hope in my heart and the peel-off mask in my hand. As soon as I squeezed a little, out came a shiny blue mask and it gave me the best of cheap thrills! I applied it all over my face and once it dried out, I started peeling off the mask (pretty much how a peel off mask is done!) and I won’t lie, it did hurt. Well, not like my-face-got-ripped-off pain but rather like I-got-slapped pain, so it was bearable. But that was completely worth it because as soon as the mask off, my skin looked as good as new!

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Yes, the product actually worked and gave me healthy and hydrated skin. It not only helped get rid of the dryness but also cleared my skin. So, it was a win-win situation for me. You know as they say “ek teer se do nishana“. That’s what this product is. This is my winter BFF and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out my friend!

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