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The Ultimate Eyeshadow Guide That Every Girl Needs Before Splurging On Expensive Palettes

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I’m officially Team Hauterrfly’s makeup/beauty expert but more importantly, I am a total eyeshadow girl. Apart from the usual moisturising and priming my skin, the first thing that I apply is my eyeshadow. Makeup is really incomplete if your eyes aren’t made up. And now, eyeshadow does not always have to be all glam, I’m more of an everyday glam kinda girl so I like to keep my eyeshadow kaafi basic (unless I’m in a red carpet mood, of course). Not everyone is an eyeshadow expert like me and if you’re looking to shop for some eyeshadow, I’m sure you’re confused AF. There’s so much to know about eyeshadows including types, formula, finish and textures. But fret not because eyeshadow girl is here. Just to save y’all the trouble of trial and error, I’ve put together an eyeshadow guide breaking down all the basics you need to know before you pick your eyeshadow palette. Read on to find out everything you need to keep in mind when shopping for eyeshadows.

Types Of Eyeshadow

Powder: The most commonly used eyeshadow formula is the powdered one. Apart from being the most blendable, this type of eyeshadow is also highly-pigmented and is best for newbies. Most eyeshadow palettes come with powdered products so, there’s a large variety for you to pick from.

Liquid: Just like lipstick and lip gloss, eyeshadow too comes in a liquid formula which is good for normal to dry skin. While liquid eyeshadow may seem intimidating, they are really just as easy to use as powders, if not more. The only thing to note about this type of eyeshadow is that it dries up really quickly giving you very little time to apply and blend it. Also, those of you with oily skin or oily eyelids, I suggest you keep a safe distance from this product.

Cream: This formula of eyeshadow is also known to be very blendable but it does come with certain limitations. Since it’s a creamy formula, it is prone to melt and crease on your eyes. This means that it’s not the kind of product you want to use if you live in a place with hot and humid weather or if you have oily skin or oily eyelids. Another thing to remember before you buy your creamy eyeshadow is to invest in a good eyeshadow applicator as well as a blending brush because you CANNOT apply or blend it with your fingers.

Baked: Basically, this kind of eyeshadow is cream-based but it’s not pressed, instead, it’s baked in an oven to dry it down which also makes it more durable. Baked eyeshadow is usually easy to apply and gives a smooth finish and intense pigment. And the best thing is that you can apply it wet or dry!

Loose: Okay, now let me warn you, as appealing as loose pigments seem, they’re not easy to use. This product is best left to the makeup experts to use but if you’re keen on trying it out as a beginner, it will get extremely messy unless you master the application technique. But it does have its merits too. Loose eyeshadow usually has an amazing pigment but mind you, you will need to learn to dust off the excess pigment.

Stick: TBH, this one is my personal favourite. The stick or crayon eyeshadow usually comes in a cream formula and is easy to apply and blend. And the best part is that you can pick how you want your pigment by layering it as per your needs and you can apply and blend it with your fingers. The stick eyeshadow is easy to use and best for everyday applications as it’s hassle-free.

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Textures Of Eyeshadow

Matte: This finish of eyeshadow is usually highly pigmented and is perfect for a subtle yet chic everyday makeup look. Since it does not have any shimmer or glitter, you can easily create natural looks with a matte finish.

Shimmer: The shimmer finish is one of the most popular types of texture as it suits all skin tones and comes with a shiny (or in other words, a high-shine) finish and works well for full coverage as it does not crease. And it makes your eyes shimmer!

Satin: This finish is where matte meets shimmer. Eyeshadow in this texture is not completely shimmery or glittery but it gives a semi-matte finish with a hint of shine. This kind is perfect for a soft sheen look and is best for newbies.

Glitter: Unlike shimmer, glittery eyeshadow has actual flakes of glitter and is perfect for a full-blown glam look. This finish looks great when paired with a matte finish but remember that it’s not easy to apply and requires a lot of practice and perfection. Make sure to brace yourself for the fallout when you apply glitter eyeshadow.

Frost: This finish of eyeshadow is from the 90s and early 2000s. Frosted eyeshadow is iridescent and comes in vibrant but opaque pastel hues with a tinge of silver and white in every shade.


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