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This Moisturiser Can Be Customised To Your Skin Concerns And We Love It

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Remember a time when your phone didn’t capture images? When you’d happily carry your probably pink, point and shoot digital camera for every outing? If that’s the case, then girl, you’re probably over the age of 25 and it is time to invest in a proper CTM routine. That’s my subtle way of saying, ‘You old and your skin looks like it has seen better days. Load on the anti-ageing products, yo!’

I have been religious with my own CTM routine. With the C and T at least. With moisturisers, it’s been hit and miss. I’ve spent the last 3 years testing various moisturisers on myself and other unsuspecting guinea pigs friends. I have tried plenty but I find myself coming back to the  Clinique Dramatically Different range. Yup, it’s just that good – read my full review here. *Insert obligatory not-sponsored disclaimer here*

Now when I saw that Clinique had launched Clinique iD – a whole new, next-level version of the Dramatically Different, you bet I was excited. Luckily for me, I was sent a preview copy and never have I loved my job more. The Clinique iD range basically combines Clinique’s winning DD formulas (all 3 of them that work on different skin types!) with 5 active cartridge concentrates that target specific skin concerns. So essentially, the product helps you create the ultimate moisturiser, customised to address your skin’s issues.

Here’s how you get your custom Clinique iD – you first pick your base- the Hydrating Jelly, the Moisturising Lotion or the Oil-Free Gel. Then comes the fun part, picking an active cartridge concentrate based on your skin concern – purple for wrinkles, green for irritation, blue for pores and uneven skin texture, white for uneven skin tone, and orange for fatigue!

I coupled my beloved Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly and the blue cartridge as I suffer from uneven skin texture. My skin will sprout tiny boils at the most inopportune moments, no matter what I do! I was excited because the cartridge contains two potent Alpha Hydroxy Acids — Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. These help you shed dead skin cells effectively – which in turn helps get rid of texture, dullness, while decreasing fine lines, all really promising claims. But, beware, AHAs can make your skin more photosensitive, so please ensure you’re loading up on the sunscreen – if you haven’t found your favourite, check this out!

A week of consistent use has given my skin a new lease on life, it’s become visibly smoother and more luminous, to the point where it looks like I have an Insta filter applied at all times. This isn’t some magic, but a skincare miracle! I’m delighted to report that the number of tiny boils have decreased, which is surprising because their number rapidly multiplies with the onset of summer.

The Hydrating Jelly gives my skin the dose of moisture it needs without any sticky residue and the ratio of 10% active concentrate to 90% moisturiser ensures my skin doesn’t sting, which can happen when you first start using AHAs. I especially love the fact that both the products freshly combine with every pump, creating a potent skincare multitasker. I use the product at night without any irritation! Overall, I was super impressed with my experience and I’ve found my new ride or die night-time moisturiser.

SHOP NOW: Clinique iD (Rs 3,800)



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