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Bushra’s Highlighter Is Just Right For A Summery Glow

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I’ve always had oily skin, and it has been my life’s mission to mattify it. I’ve erronously used foaming cleansers and cleansing products to get that squeaky clean feeling, but only managed to send my sebaceous glands in overdrive in the bargain. However, my many sessions with my dermatologist helped me understand and take care of my skin better. Communication is key to addressing your skin’s issues, so don’t forget to talk to your dermat and ask all the right questions.

As far as make-up is concerned, I’ve invested a lot of energy scouring products that will eliminate shine and oil and until recently I believed it was my secret power. However, highlighting and strobing, the trends du jour, have actually made my oily skin a thing now. (What? I get to embrace my skin in all its dewy glory? I thought this day would never come!)

I usually don’t invest in highlighters because my sebaceous glands do their bit in lighting up my face in all the right places anyway. But the unusual weather in Mumbai this year has (surprise, surprise!) made my skin look and feel dry and stretchy instead. That’s when I started looking for a highlighter that adds a subtle sheen without going overboard, which brings me to this beauty right here.


Chambor Light and Sheer Skin Highlighter in post_Hauterfly

Chambor Light & Sheer Skin Highlighter

Chambor Light & Sheer Skin Highlighter — as the name suggests — is a light-weight, oil-free liquid highlighter in a sheer texture. Even though I have oily skin, I prefer using liquid and creamy formulas for my face products. Powder blushes and highlighters just don’t cut it with me because my skin eats up the products. And this highlighter gives off a soft, subtle sheen because of the pearlescent micro-shimmer particles.

Although a lot of beauty bloggers recommend using this highlighter by itself or mix it with your foundation, I wouldn’t do that. It’s better to err on the side of caution and use it only on the high points of your face where the light naturally hits, like the bridge of your nose, the forehead, brow bone, and the cupid’s bow. The light champagne colour it comes in makes it perfect for Indian skin tones. I’m totally looking forward to wearing this in the summer as well!

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