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#BrokeBeautyLover: We Found A Foaming Cleanser For Rs 119 Only And It Works Wonders For Oily Skin

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Welcome back to my article series Broke Beauty Lover. I assume most of you guys wait every Wednesday to read my articles on my poverty and the products I really love (and can afford.) Like last week, today I am still broke and still excited about beauty. Don’t expect me to become rich overnight! That’s just impossible unless someone buys me a winning lottery ticket.

For a woman, who is out and about all day, all this heat and pollution are problems she fights on the daily. They pose a threat to our skin health and we can’t just do nothing about it. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to thoroughly cleanse your skin daily because if you don’t, you will get the pesky pimples and I don’t think that’s something any of us would volunteer for. I have learned this the hard way but better late than never, right? So I made a habit of cleansing my face every day without fail and I must say, the results are quite visible.

In fact, today I come bearing the best skin care product for people with oily skin. Because unless you try out the right product, the excess sebum production will not only give you skin woes but will also fade your makeup easily. Fret not sister, you can bid adieu to this problem because here’s the right product for you – Neutrogena’s foaming cleanser. And it’s what a lot of women with oily skin swear by.

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When I came across this foaming cleanser I tried it out and I loved that it fit right in my budget. I squeezed out enough foam on my hand and then applied it on my face. Okay, so when I use any face wash, I let it sit on my face for about a minute and then wash it off because I feel like I let the face wash do its job. But that’s just me. You can instantly wash it off. After I did, there was an instant glow on my face. So basically it got rid of all the dirt that was staying on my skin instantly. And to top it off my skin wasn’t too oily anymore. It was balanced out so it wasn’t too dry or too oily. Just perfect. It also made my skin really soft and supple. My skin probably thanked me a million times then. I genuinely love this product and recommend it to everyone with oily skin.

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