Editor’s Pick: Zahra’s Favourite Fall Nail Polish

Editor’s Pick: Zahra’s Favourite Fall Nail Polish

I have a confession to make. I LOVE nail polish – but only if it’s on my feet, which I think are pretty. But my hands on the other…umm…hand, not so much. I have stubby fingers and usually wear a nude nail polish to keep them shiny and fresh, without drawing too much attention to them. The rare times I do put polish on my pointers, it’s usually the blood red (almost black) Chanel Rouge Noir, because it’s a colour that looks spectacular, even on my stubby little fingers.


Bobbi Brown Smokey Topaz Nail Polish


Having said that, I’m absolutely in love with the Smokey Topaz nail polish from Bobbi Brown’s new, limited edition Greige collection. A hybrid smokey grey and beige metallic colour, this is the perfect polish to finish up my ensemble now that the party season is upon us. It’s a shimmering hue I’ll happily switch to because it’s just SO. DAMN. HOT, and works great for both night and day. Also, it looks just as glam on my fingers and it does on my feet. Such a grown-up, sexy way to do iridescence and add a glamorous vibe to your party look this fall, no?

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