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20 MAC Lipsticks That Are Perfect For Indian Skin Tones

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You know all those memes about women sizing up other women according to what they’re wearing? While some of them are spot on, I like to believe that I’m just being observant rather than judgemental. And IMHO, the easiest way to break the ice with women is to make subtle compliments on their hair, skin, or make-up. So I wouldn’t be wrong when I say that certain MAC lipsticks have the ability to be real conversation starters. These lipsticks are so iconic, they’re actually easy to ID the minute you see them on a girl’s lips.

Here are 20 classic MAC lipsticks that always get rave reviews:


MAC Russian Red_Hauterfly

1. Russian Red (Rs 1,450)

No must-have red lipsticks list is complete without Russian Red. Want to know which celebrity it was actually created for? Read this.


MAC Ruby Woo_Hauterfly

2. Ruby Woo (Rs 1,500)

A statement-making lipstick, Ruby Woo is modern cult classic. You can spot Ruby Woo from a mile away, such is its popularity. Enough said!


MAC Relentlessly Red_Hauterfly

3. Relentlessly Red (Rs 1,500)

Like Ruby Woo, Relentlessly Red is from the Retro Matte range (which translates to won’t-budge-come-what-may). It is an intensely pigmented pinkish-red with a cool tone that looks almost neon. Just the pop of colour you need to stand out in a dark club.


MAC Chili_Hauterfly

4. Chili (Rs 1,500)

Although it looks like a deep brownish red in the tube, Chili goes on more like an orangey-red on lips. I think it looks lovely on days when you feel red is a little much but pink just won’t cut it. The slightly burnt orange tone is especially flattering on warm Indian skin tones.



5. Vegas Volt (Rs 1,500)

This creamy formula the Amplified range is a beautiful jewel toned coral. It has such a refreshing, youthful vibe when paired with pearly eyeshadow and a minimal flick of eyeliner. It has summer written all over it.


MAC Lady Danger_Hauterfly

6. Lady Danger (Rs 1,500)

The beauty of this tangerine lipstick is how different it looks on different complexions. It adds a pop of colour and looks especially smashing on medium and darker skin tones. Amazing colour pay-off and a matte finish ensure that this lipstick stays on for at least 5 hours or more.


MAC Morange_Hauterfly

7. Morange (Rs 1,500)

You know how whimsical orange lipsticks look, as if you have sucked on a popsicle? Morange is that lipstick for you. Whether you wear it pigmented or as a stain, this gorgeous neon orange is a head-turner. It is creamy with a subtle sheen but does not bleed, feather or settle into fine lines.



8. Impassioned (Rs 1,500)

Impassioned is a bright fuchsia magenta colour that is not for the faint-hearted. It is the kind of shade I would expect a bold girl who is in control would wear. It is a warm pink with hints of red, and looks amazing on all skin tones.


MAC Girl About Town_Hauterfly

9. Girl About Town (Rs 1,500)

Speaking of fuchsias, Girl About Town is a bright blue-toned fuchsia lipstick. As the name suggests, this is the bright lip colour for the girl who likes to see and be seen. It looks like an everyday pink in natural light.


MAC Pink Nouveau_Hauterfly

10. Pink Nouveau (Rs 1,500)

A lovely cool-toned light pink shade, Pink Nouveau works fabulously on fair to medium complexions as an everyday lip colour. While Impassioned can be called a Barbie pink and Girl About Town can be it’s cool-toned cousin, Pink Nouveau is the chilled out pink you can take from the boardroom to the bar with ease.


MAC Candy Yum Yum_Hauterfly

11. Candy Yum Yum (Rs 1,500)

Another legendary bright pink from MAC, Candy Yum Yum is a yummy blue-based pink in a matte formula. It is a show-stopper shade that looks best when paired with minimal eye make-up. Even though it is a matte formula, it is not as drying as Ruby Woo.


MAC UP THE AMP_Hauterfly

12. Up The Amp (Rs 1,500)

I love it when one lipstick can look so wonderfully different on various skin tones. Up The Amp is more purple than pink, and does exactly what the name suggests. It amps up your look in an instant. The lovely purple along with an intense sheen are perfect for winters.


MAC Rebel_Hauterfly

13. Rebel (Rs 1,500)

Every lady must have a plum lipstick in her arsenal. Plums are not dominating like reds, but they certainly are more authoritarian than pinks can ever be. Rebel is a shade that quietly asserts itself. A deep plum in a satin finish, it looks good on any complexion.


MAC Smoked Purple_Hauterfly

14. Smoked Purple (Rs 1,500)

Rihanna wore it. That is explanation enough. Smoked Purple is a lovely cool-toned Bordeaux lipstick that looks insanely moody and beautiful on winter evenings.


MAC Cyber_Hauterfly

15. Cyber (Rs 1,500)

Cyber is the elder goth sister of Smoked Purple. It is deep, dark and brooding with a satin finish, which means it is not as pigmented as Smoked Purple. However, you can build on the colour by layering it.


MAC Cosmo_Hauterfly

16. Cosmo (Rs 1,500)

The deal with lipsticks is that as long as you are confident, you can carry off any colour regardless of the occasion. However, not everyone prefers bold or bright colours and it may not have anything to do with confidence. Cosmo is for girls who like to keep it simple. It is a must-have nude with the right balance of brown, peach and pink.


MAC Mehr_Hauterfly

17. Mehr (Rs 1,500)

Another iconic nude from MAC, Mehr is pretty similar to Cosmo but it has a matte finish. It flatters Indian skin tones really well and works as an everyday nude since it stays put for a couple of hours.


MAC Viva Glam V_Hauterfly

18. Viva Glam V (Rs 1,500)

Like a lot of other MAC lipsticks, Viva Glam V is a nude lipstick that looks different on different skin tones. With its lustrous formula and beautiful micro-shimmer, this is a must-have nude that goes well with smokey eyes for an evening look.


MAC Mocha_Hauterfly

19. Mocha (Rs 1,500)

So what if you couldn’t get your hands on Kylie’s Lip Kit? There’s always Mocha, a brown shade with peachy-yellow undertones.


MAC Twig_Hauterfly

20. Twig (Rs 1,500)

Nailing a brown lipstick that works well with your skin tone is tricky. Either you look pale and washed out, or straight-out vampish. Twig, however, is a soft brown with deep pink undertones. This is the kind of brown you need on your side!


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