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The Genius Mascara That Zahra Can’t Live Without

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If you’ve spent enough time reading this site, then you’ll know that I’m extremely lazy and hate anything associated with the word “routine”. So no, I don’t really have a skincare routine nor a makeup routine. Worse still, I prefer using my fingers to do most of my makeup in the morning (I can hear those gasps, ladies!), and couldn’t be bothered to use tools like brushes and the lot. In fact, if there’s one beauty tool I’m absolutely terrified of using it is the eyelash curler. I had a minor accident with my mother’s curler when I was a child, and it scarred me enough to never go near one again. Needless to say, I’ve tried my best to get those gorgeously curled and lifted lashes with just mascara, but it’s never really worked out.

However, on a trip to Bali last year, I picked up a few of my favourite things from Benefit Cosmetics at the airport (including the Benetint stain, Benebalm, and the POREfessional Primer), and added the Roller Lash Mascara to my cart out of sheer curiosity. The packaging was love at first sight (like all Benefit products, it’s charming AF), but it also promised a curling action akin to using an eyelash curler but minus the mental trauma of putting something that resembles a medieval torture device near your eyes. I was intrigued and bought it impulsively.


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara_In Post_Hauterfly

Benefit Roller Lash Curling Mascara


And I’m happy to say that thanks to this mascara, I never have to go near an eyelash curler again! This game-changing product is inspired by rollers that give you precise curls, and its trademark Hook ‘n’ Roll brush does a fantastic job of grabbing, separating, lifting and curling even the shortest, straightest lashes to glamazon levels. Trust!

The Roller Lash Mascara is blacker and glossier than any other mascara I’ve used, and it defines and thickens my lashes without clumping (I swear to god, it’s true love). While its curved plastic wand and rubber handle are easy to maneuver, the key to making your lashes look full is to deposit more mascara at the base than the tip and this wand makes doing that a total breeze. The short bristles really hug your lashes, lifting and curling them generously for long-lasting volume. What’s more, the waterproof formula contains provitamin B5 and serin, both of which are known for their lash-conditioning benefits.

While it’s a great mascara for daytime drama, I love to amp up my look even more for the evenings by combining this with any other lengthening or volumising mascara to really make up eyes pop. I promise you ladies, this mascara has serious curl power!

SHOP NOW: Benefit Roller Lash Curling Mascara (Rs 1,600 approx)

(You can also find Benefit Cosmetics at a Sephora store near you. For locations, check here.)


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