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The Perfect Perfume For You — Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

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Picking out the right fragrance can be a bit of a task. Yes, it does smell really nice, but is it something that reflects your personality? Hmm, that’s the tricky part. We’ve all been in a smelly situation, where we’ve left the perfume store with no bottle, and an amalgamation of different scents taking over our nasal cavity.

So this time, we decided to tap into a question A LOT of millennials are asking, and that is “What perfume suits me the best?”. Well, since we don’t know each of you lovely people personally, we decided to address this dilemma in a rather creative manner.

Scroll down to see what kind of fragrances you should opt for, based on the personality traits of your zodiac sign. Oh, and to make your life a lot easier, we also give you the best option available on the market!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to spritz and spray!

Aries_Armani_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Giorgio Armani Si Intense (Rs 9,000)


The ram is adventurous and energetic and its choice in fragrances should be similar. Moving away from the florals, Aries should go for citrus and oriental notes that are more out there, rather than subtle. Spread the cheer and pick something that won’t only wake you up, but will wake up others around you as well.


Taurus_Roberto Cavalli_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Assoluto (Rs 5,400)


Taurus’ personality traits are loyal, patient, and self-indulging, and that’s why fragrances that are warm and positive usually suit them. Go for earthy fragrances such as floral, rose, sandalwood, amber, and jasmine. Subtlety is key, so pick fragrances with restrained notes; they’ll suit you best.


Gemini_Elizabeth Arden_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue (Rs 5,140)


Playful and experimental is part of the Gemini personality. Go for creative fragrances that have an artistic flare to them — combine notes of gardenia, amber and sandalwood, with others like coriander, nutmeg and leather to form your own signature scent.


Cancer_Chanel_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Chanel No.5 (Rs 10,500)*

*Available at Chanel stores across the country


Cancer is probably the most delicate and feminine of the lot! This means that you would be more drawn towards fragrances that are mild, but iconic. Sticking to notes of jasmine and white lily, go for scents that are classic!


Leo_Eternity_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Calvin Klein Eternity Intense (Rs 5,800)


Ruled by the sun, Leo requires a scent that is reflective of that warm summer feel, but is sensual at the same time. Personality traits of a Leo include being the centre of attention like its ruler, so bolder scents that command attention are usually a go-to. Scents of neroli, rose, jasmine sambac, cardamom, and lemon — basically a cross between floral and citrus fragrances, will give you that summery essence your zodiac sign would want to go for.


Virgo_Alaia_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Alaia Paris (Rs 3,500)


The virginal sign, Virgos usually go for everything that is clean and simple, including the packaging. Musky and floral notes, basically the classics are what Virgos are usually attracted to. Clean and crisp notes of rose, mandarin, lily, sandalwood, and neroli perfectly fit the Virgo woman!

Libra_Estee Lauder_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Estée Lauder Modern Muse (Rs 7,900)


Librans are meant to be charming, intellectual, diplomatic, and romantic by nature, and all signs point to a soft fragrance that can be found in fruity-floral notes. Anything that smells pretty, pink, and feminine is what you’ll love most. Talking about specifics, go for a combination of grapefruit, iris, rose, anything that seems bubbly, romantic, and playful.

Scorpio_Calvin Klein_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Calvin Klein CK2 (Rs 3,800)


When talking about the Scorpio girl, strong, determined, and magnetic come to mind. Sensual fragrances that elude and attract passion are what you should be drawn to. For this zodiac sign, woody notes work best! Fragrances with musky tones, spicy hints of black pepper, and musk are usually the scents that are apt for Scorpios.


Sagittarius_Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray (Rs 2,310)


The earth sign, Sagittarians love everything that’s earthy and nature-esque. Viewing life as constant moments of wanderlust, this sign loves being outside and exploring nature. Hence, scents that are more plant-based and herbal are what suits them the best. Fragrances that smell like freshly cut grass with hints of honeycomb, bay leaf and green pepper, are what you should fall in love with instantly.


Capricorn_The Body Shop_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose (Rs 2,495)


Another earthy sign, Capricorns are ruled by the masculine realm of fragrances and they really love musky, woody, and clean smelling scents. Just like their confident personality, Capricorns should go for perfumes that are empowering and professional. Anything minimalistic, yet powerful will catch your eye!

Aquarius_CK_Zodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

CK All (Rs 3,800)*

*Available at Shoppers Stop stores across the country.


Sporty by nature, Aquarians like the simplicity of the notes and are usually drawn to androgynous and unisex scents that are soothing to their soul. Due to their friendly and spontaneous nature, however, they like to play around with  elegant and simple notes, to sport something that’s fun, yet classic.


Pisces_Jimmy ChooZodiac Fragrances_Hauterfly

Jimmy Choo EDP (Rs 3,350)


Dreamy, romantic, and always charming at heart, the true Piscean goes for the delicate and sweet. That’s precisely the sort of fragrance you’d be attracted to. Within the florals, go with fragrances that have watery floral notes like jasmine and peony. If you want something sweeter, then vanilla and crème brûlée should do the trick.


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