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5 Reasons Sex Is So Much Better When You’re In Love

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Casual sex is exciting, tempting even! Or should I say sex with someone new gives you all the butterflies because you are so excited to see where this will go? Even when you know it is not going anywhere, the very act of making love gets us all warmed up at that moment. I mean, come on. Casual sex isn’t commercial sex; there’s still intimacy. You still put your arms around each other and rock each other’s world. But sex is so much better when you’re in love!

If you give me the choice, I would definitely want a relationship and be with someone I love. It’s just that finding sex is easy and finding love, not so much. Not in our hookup culture. We meet people, we like them and yet, often things just get stuck in the casual sphere. It isn’t ‘let’s see where this goes’; it is ‘this isn’t going anywhere and we must keep it casual.’ Sucks but we swallow our feelings and get things going anyway because we crave intimacy.

Have you noticed most casual partnerships don’t last beyond three to six months? Without any progression, you are just doing the same things over and over again. After a point, it does begin to feel a little empty, even if the sex is great. But when you’re in love, maybe monotony will set in, maybe you will start prioritising other things but the closeness you feel, even in that monotonous sex will be just so priceless.

We don’t go “aww” looking at a scene in which the couple is just banging. But our ovaries go nuts when in the love-making scene, he makes eye contact with the meaningful look in his eyes and touches her face. We crave that passion, whichamalgamates love and lust in the best possible way, making us want to have someone we can call our own.

Now it’s probably not what everyone prefers, but if you ask me, sex is so much better when you’re in love. Here’s why.

You feel more secure and confident

The thing is the world of casual sex is filled with insecurities. On one hand, you really don’t have to give a fuck about what he thinks about your body hair but on the other you also want him to be aroused by you. So when it comes to casual sex, we worry more about our bodies than we should. When you’re in love and have had enough closeness, you know for sure he is not shallow. Sex is so much better when you’re in love. You feel more confident to bare yourself and be vulnerable with someone you love.

You trust them more

Honestly, I would not have casual sex with someone I can’t trust.  You know the intentions of someone you are in love with and that trust makes you relax and enjoy the sex even more. That’s kinda important when it comes to orgasming because really more than physical, it’s a mental thing. We have to feel relaxed and comfortable for mind-blowing orgasms and that kinda comes with trust.

People communicate better

Research says people communicate their sexual desires, fantasies, etc, better when they are in a relationship vs in casual sex. You talk about the moves you liked, you didn’t like, and what really gets you going. Often, when you are just lying down post-sex, you discuss how amazing it was and just that gets you in the mood again.

It brings intimacy

We seek intimacy from sex and when we are doing it with someone we love, it’s just warmer. It’s not just about intercourse but those little moments that really make it special. When you just sit on his lap and you are kissing intermittently while whispering sweet nothings is such a special moment. And with all that intimacy you realise that sex is so much better when you’re in love.

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There are no uncertainties

Research says that uncertainties are a major libido killer and I agree. Honestly, if I don’t know where this is going and have all that nonsense in my head, it’s a little more difficult to get aroused. In fact, there’s another thing you have to worry about – to not get attached! And it sucks because your body does get an abundance of oxytocin post sex, which is the love hormone. You are chemically and biologically programmed to bond! When you are in love, you don’t have to worry about bonding! Sex is so much better when you’re in love.

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