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This Woman Met Her Now Wife And Soulmate On Twitter. You Find Love When You’re Least Expecting It

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We like to believe that we know it all, that we can plan our future, or wonder how things will turn out. I guess I did that too when I was seeing my ex. We had it all planned – the month we will get married and things like that. Turns out, as much as I had hoped that this was it, things didn’t last. There has also been a time when I stumbled upon love, and as Rihanna would have it, in a hopeless place. Like this woman who found love on Twitter. Life is so unpredictable, one of my closest friends met her husband when she was in the middle of an emotional breakdown. I had called up her bro and he had accompanied him. When he was on his way, did he know that he’s going to meet his future wife?

It’s so beautiful when you look back and can connect the dots. When in retrospect you can actually see yourself meeting the one and how you were so clueless back then. You could be feeling so single right now, and you’re telling your bestie that you are going to be the crazy cat lady and die alone, knitting on a couch or possibly, passed out on wine. I would prefer the latter over leaving a half-knit sweater. You tell your bestie that you are not even flirting with a guy, you are not getting on a dating apps and there’s literally no way to meet someone new, or so you think.

But turns out, you do end up meeting someone when all the odds are in your favour. In that moment, you don’t know it. And when you do, that first encounter becomes even more special. Such stories give hope, that you can find love, when you’re least expecting it. And let’s just say, I am beyond expecting love anywhere around me. A woman found her wife guess where? On Twitter! Ikr? Like it’s not even a dating app!

Jessie had posted on Twitter in January 2018 asking her followers to hit her up if they would want to be friends. She added saying she is nice sometimes. That tweet reached her now wife, Julia and she decided to extend her hand in friendship. That’s how they began talking and look at them now, in love and married! Wait, so there’s a way that someone found love on Twitter? Who knew?

The couple has had their share of ups and downs but their love is going strong. Jessie and Julia are torn by geographical distance and are waiting for embassies to open. They have survived two years of long-distance relationship so far with numerous calls and texts. Staying connected hasn’t been difficult for them virtually, especially since that’s how they met in the first place. I guess it’s all about the conversations, right? Why are female lovers so sweet? They tweet how they miss each other and it’s so romantic. Their wedding pictures are beautiful and capture their romance.

“Even though nothing about our relationship has been easy, there’s nothing i wouldnt do for you. i hope the embassy opens and you can come live with me soon Beating heart i miss you everyday im not with you baby,” Jessie wrote.

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It’s beautiful how love is blooming for them and those who still consider same-sex relationships unnatural, I hope eventually you see that a) they are not and b) you have no right to tell anyone how to live. It sucks that so many couples are still not able to live and love freely. But Jessie and Julia are sharing their love and hopefully, it will give others the courage to do the same! And they found love on Twitter! Plus, women make such good lovers! Netizens have been going gaga over their little story of love and hope and it doesn’t have to be specific to same-sex couples

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