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How You Handle A Heartbreak, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

April 18, 2019 | by Akanksha Narang

Before we get into this article, let us tell you – every breakup hurts – no matter what zodiac sign you are. When we’re in a relationship with someone, we invest the precious most thing in it, which is our time. And feelings. And hopes and expectations and it doesn’t matter if you are a tough Taurian or vengeful Scorpio, this shit hurts. But how you handle it? That’s probably worth finding out. So read up.


You are someone who rarely shows any sign of weakness. When your relationship ends, you are filled with anguish, and block them from social media. While some folks like to talk about it, you hate even mentioning your breakup and would rather have your friends pretend the relationship never really existed. However, deep down, the rejection hurts your self-esteem and you’ll end up breaking down 2-3 months later.


You absolutely despise change, and the end of any relationship is like an end of an era for you. The end that you just can’t seem to get accept. You live in denial and strive to make things work till the last ray of hope vanishes! Then you pick the pieces of your broken heart and invest each of it in indulgence – from alcohol to comfort food! And when it’s too early to drink your pain away, you immerse yourself in work so that you don’t have the time to think about your ex.


It’s so easy for people to get fooled by your playful and cool exterior. They may assume that the breakup has hardly had any effect on you, but you know you are hurting from the inside. You heal from telling your friends the tragic tale of your failed relationship with a splash of comic. So you can laugh it off, and console yourself hat better things await you. People may call it bitching about your ex, but honestly, it’s just therapy for you!


Cancerians are intuitive, so chances are that you’d already seen it coming. Moving on is a slow process for you, so when you know that things are about to end, you begin the process while still being there. You give your 100% and when things still fail, you know you tried your best and move on healthily. However, nostalgia hits you hard, which is why you completely avoid anything that reminds you of them.


You bounce back pretty easily, if the breakup was initiated by you. However, when you are on the receiving end, it gets difficult for you to grasp the fact that they lost interest in you. Your pride gets injured and you pretend things are all okay with you. You go out of your way to throw a party, make plans with friends and act like you are on top of the world. Yet, at night when you return home, you stalk their social profile with the keenest dedication.


You belong to one of the most practical and competitive signs of Zodiac. And even when it comes to the relationships, you like to win. So you’re almost always the one who initiates the breakup. After which, you do not spend time brooding over the bygones and invest it productively in finding new candidates for romance. Thank you, next!


You are charming and full of wit, under which you successfully camouflage your hurt ego. A breakup hurts so bad, because you invested so much of yourself in love selflessly. Librans thrive on their romances, in the absence of which, life seems meaningless to them. So you indulge in a few rebound relationships, before eventually moving on.


A breakup with you can hardly ever be cordial. Your feelings are more intense than any other sign, and in combination with the vengeance in your heart, you can and will bring the roof down. However, since you are one of the most enigmatic and passionate signs, it won’t be long before you find another partner completely enamoured by you.


You are an independent woman who doesn’t like to dwell on the past. A  femme fatale, a breakup cannot shake you. Before your ex can even begin to move on, you’re already taking leaps towards self-discovery and healing. You sign up for aerial yoga and on a few dating apps. Life’s too short to cry over spilled milk, which honestly had gone sour as well!


Like Taurus, Capricorns hate change too. You get comfortable in your relationship and the end often comes as a surprise. Which is why, you invest your time in your work, take up a fitness class and leap towards growth! Nothing motivates you like a heartbreak.


After a breakup, you detach yourself completely from the ruins of your relationship. Instead, what you do is analyse the causes of failures, in a systematic manner. People may be surprised at your calculative and analytical nature, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t hurting. You just have a more practical approach to matters of the heart. As long as it helps you move on, why not?

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Sensitive and intuitive, you are so in tune with your partner that disconnecting from them leaves a void in you. It is a very slow process for you to get over someone you love. You become a loner and take your time to heal before jumping to another romance. Since yours is an abstract sign, you may not be able to establish boundaries and stay in touch with your ex. It’s difficult for you to hold a grudge against anyone, which is why you end up becoming good friends with them, once the pain is gone.

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