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High Libido People Reveal The Secrets Behind The Great Sex Lives

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My sex drive seems to have a split personality disorder, or is it just most of us? When I really like someone and feel connected to them (in more ways than one!), I am a horny AF person with a high libido. I love being naughty and playful, taking immense pleasure in turning my bae on with moves that are part fun, part sexy. I feel I am up for spontaneous action, long tight hugs, naked cuddles, and things like that. In fact, I have noticed that when sex stops being such a serious thing and more frolic, we bond better and feel more rejuvenated later. There’s no performance anxiety and orgasms are even more powerful. Oh boy, would it be terribly dissatisfying to be with a low libido partner?

When I don’t like someone so much, I don’t feel attracted enough to do sexual things with them. This is why, casual sex isn’t for me. But well, when I have been in thriving relationships, our physical intimacy had been shooting high. It’s beautiful and makes you bond better.

I believe there are some habits that one can incorporate in their lives to make their time between the sheets better. And a look at how high libido couples do it will be a good learning experience. So when I found a recent thread on Reddit, I knew I had to talk more about this.

A Reddit user wrote, “I’ve discovered that my ex and I had mismatched sex drives and it always made me feel a bit antsy and sort of taken for granted. I am HL. I’ve met a guy who seems to match my HL and I’ve noticed some fun habits or patterns developing! Before we used to seem to discuss sex a lot more. Like texts and chats. Now, it feels like it’s more body language and things just happen when we’re lounging on the couch, you know?” They further added, “I’ve sorta gotten addicted to blowjobs, no seriously. I love to see him grow and throb and teased and I do it so often it’s fun to see me in control. Even when he’s ready to go I insist on giving him a bj to tease him.”

See, this is what I meant! Even if your partner has lower libido, things can get fixed. She further posed the million-dollar question to the people of Reddit, “What are some common habits you’ve discovered?”

Comments started pouring in as high libido couples revealed what works for them. A user wrote, “Constant fondling.” Well, it helps when you touch each other often. Touching leads to more touching and before you know it, the clothes are off, panties are flung and you’re sexing it up.

Another user said a little rough passion goes a long way. “Bruises and bite marks. Fingermarks on occasion as well,” they wrote. Another high libido person agreed, “I love bruises being left on my body & I don’t know why. I think it’s because I like being marked. Haven’t tried biting but I discussed it with my partner and it’s something we are going to.”

Some people revealed that sleeping naked helps their libido remain high. “I’m finally with a guy where we have matching sex drives and I feel like we are a lot more playful, a lot more cuddling, we touch each other a lot. At night we sleep naked and just fall into sex randomly thru the night. Matching drives is what I’ve been missing my whole life.” Another high libido person agreed, “I love sleeping naked! I told my boyfriend that shorts are “forbidden” in the bed. Sometimes he is naughty and comes to bed with shorts on and we wrestle to take them off.” Sleeping naked seems to be a high libido couple favourite. “
We aren’t well matched for drive. We’ve fixed it with many changes and communication but most fun has been going to bed naked equals sex every night. For some reason if we have any clothes on, we cuddle and fall asleep. Since declaring no clothes in bed we are more “active”. Married 19 years. Things ebb and flow. It takes work. It’s worth it,” another person added.

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Turns out playfulness and cuddling are a win-win for all. “Watching Netflix and cuddling, then pausing between episodes to start making out because I was getting horny from the cuddling,” a user wrote. Another one added, “Habits of showering more often and lots of water of course! We’ve also seem to make it a strong habit that after every yummy meal with just the look we give each other we’re having sex after. Lot’s of teasing and giggling.”

All-in-all, playfulness, cuddling, sleeping naked and a lot of touching get you in the mood for sex! High libido couples swear by these habits!

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