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Having Sex After A Long Time? Here’s What Could Happen

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How do you feel returning to work after a long vacation? We were having this discussion at Hauterfly the other day and a colleague said that she almost feels like she has forgotten how to work! And it’s true for most of us. We do feel excited to return to work, especially if you love what you do. But somehow, you feel like you’re lagging a bit, on the day you resume. Sex works like that too. After taking a break (self-imposed or because you haven’t found someone to do) when you return to it, things are not exactly as you left them. It may take a bit of effort to put the engine into drive. So here are some things you should keep in mind when having sex after a break.

Invest more in foreplay

By the time you are getting in bed with bae, you are a little off-practise. What can really get you in the mood is tons and tons of foreplay. Get used to being touched again. Take it slow first before you jump right in. Getting back in the field after a while will require you to put in more work to get aroused. Indulge in a longer foreplay sesh so you can be fully turned on by the time you get it on.

You may not get wet enough so carry a lube

Your vagina has lost its habit of self-lubricating, especially if you haven’t even masturbated meanwhile. Which is why a lot of women experience vaginal dryness when they are having sex after a while. Also, your vagina muscles tighten up and all this can make sex painful. Avoid that by simply investing in a good lubricant.

Your libido decreases

It is a common myth that being off sex for a while makes you all horny and you get in bed like a lioness. Well, that’s not true. In fact, having sex regularly increases your libido and being off it decreases it. It’s okay if the first time you do it after a hiatus isn’t as great. You’ll get there. How about a round two?

It will take you longer to orgasm

A lot of women find it difficult to orgasm even in general. The thing is that you need to kinda surrender to the sensations and let yourself get carried away with euphoria. If you’ve not had sex for a while, chances are that you will find it difficult to completely let go. It might just take a bit longer.

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Leave your anxiousness out of the bedroom

Have you ever felt really awkward anticipating your sexy time with bae? You are scared that it’s been so long and now you aren’t sure you will be able to perform? Also, you’re really anxious getting naked with someone after a while. Gained weight on your tummy? Have performance anxiety? It’s all in your head. The more relaxed you are, the better you will be. Things will just flow, fret not!

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