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A Chilling Story Of A Man Covered His Wife With Chilli Powder Before Strangling Her To Death. He’s Finally Jailed

January 28, 2021 | by Akanksha Narang

Women have been subjected to domestic violence forever in India and it’s often due to economic reasons such as unsatisfying dowry or the desire to remarry for more dowry. Many times, it’s just due to the fact that India is filled with misogynistic men who treat women like their property or a dog that must obey them at any cost, except most people don’t hit their dogs. However, for some women, this doesn’t stop at just violence. They become victims of uxoricide, which basically means killing your wife. How do women feel safe? You are outside on the streets and you feel unsafe. But are you really safe inside your own home, with your own husband?

In what comes as a relief, a Birmingham-based businessman Gurpreet Singh is finally proven guilty for the murder of his wife Sarbjit Kaur at their house in Penn, West Midlands. He had covered her face and body in chili powder before strangling her to death. And then, he staged it to be a burglary, went on with his daily work routine, with no remorse. Gurpreet Singh has been sentenced to a minimum of 19 years in jail.

Gurpreet Singh had planned the whole thing and it wasn’t even in the heat of the moment. “The house had been clearly subjected to some form of disturbance. We, the prosecution, say it was made to look like an untidy search. There was a swift and unusual search of the house. The majority of items of high value were left there. This was not some domestic burglary. There is absolutely no dispute that this was a fake burglary,” David Mason QC, prosecuting told Daily Mail.


He tried hard to make it look like a burglary gone wrong but he wasn’t quite thorough in his attempt before he planned the killing of his wife. In fact, he even had scratches on his hands, which the investigators believed were caused by his wife’s struggle when she was being strangled by him.

Gurpreet Singh dropped his two children (from his first wife) at the school in the morning, came back home, killed his wife, and left for work. He was earlier being treated like a witness, who found the body but later when the police found out his story doesn’t add up, he became the prime suspect.


His home’s CCTV surveillance was disabled but after extensive browsing of content captured in neighboring cams, the investigators were able to prove him to be guilty. His accomplice, assumed to be a woman from their physical structure, was seen walking into the house wearing a parka. However, nobody has been able to trace them yet.

“It also revealed an unknown person wearing a parka coat with the hood up approach the house and be let in at around 8.15 am. Singh is then seen at around 9 am opening the boot of his car, going back into his house, and then returning to his car and driving off to work. Four minutes later, a person is shown to move away from the house and after a short gap the person in the parka coat is seen walking away from the house,” reports Mirror.co.uk. “Other factors, such as the electronic gates, which could only be opened with a key fob or code for the keypad, the burglary element, where many items of high value had been ignored, the fact there was no evidence of forced entry into the house, began to add further doubt to Singh’s account,” the report further reveals.

Sentencing Singh today at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Simon Drew said: “You have been convicted of the murder of your wife. She died as a result of a planned and premeditated attack.” He further added, “You pretended to undertake a normal day. You pretended to find Sarbjit dead in the workroom. You pretended to be overcome with grief – that was a sham.”

Meanwhile, Superintendent Chris Mallett, the senior investigating officer said: “While the motivation of Sarbjit’s murder is unclear, Singh is clearly a callous and calculating man with complete disregard for human life. He’s shown no remorse for his actions and continued to deny his involvement, despite the weight of evidence against him. Shockingly Singh went about his daily business and allowed his own children to enter their home and find their stepmother dead on the floor. The distress this caused those poor children, who’d already lost their mother, is sickening.”

We don’t know who the accomplice was; the person in a parka who participated in the killing of his wife remains free. Gurpreet continues to be in denial and hasn’t revealed any information about his motive. However, the conviction of Sarbjit’s murderer must have come as good relief to her family. “Sarbjit’s family have shown great courage and dignity throughout this retrial and I hope today’s guilty verdict offers them some comfort,” Mallett expressed.

I did a quick search on marital murders and turns out, 70% of the time, it’s the wife who is murdered. This can be due to the man’s dependency on his wife and how that goes against his entire misogynistic belief system. It mimics the sexist environment he grew up in and hence starts to resent the wife. “Proponents of psychodynamic theories have offered explanations for the mechanisms underlying the occurrence of uxoricide. It has been suggested that men who kill their partners experience both an unconscious dependence on their wife and resentment of her. These men wish to leave the relationship, but unknowingly perceive themselves as too helpless to do so, which culminates into a belief that killing the wife is the only way to be free of her,” states Wikipedia.

Research has also shown that several women face uxoricide or violence if their partner suspects they have been unfaithful or terminated relationship. An Australian study found that of a sample of uxoricide cases, 47% of women were murdered by their male intimate partner within two months of separating,” reports Wikipedia.

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While the reason remains unknown so far, it is no doubt that Gurpreet Singh is a cold-hearted man who felt no remorse for reducing his wife down to a lifeless corpse. He had no remorse for incapacitating her with chili powder and torturing her before strangling her to death. He didn’t even think twice before sending his school-going children inside the home and find their stepmother’s dead body on the floor. It’s scary just how much resentment a man can have for his wife and just how far he is willing to go to hurt her.

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