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5 Zodiac Signs That Make For The Most Loyal Partners

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If you’re a monogamist, like me, there’s one thing that is an indispensable part of a relationship – loyalty. Of course, there are several other things you’d want from your romance, such as trust, companionship, compatibility etc. But everything else seems like things that can be worked on and perfected. But loyalty, either it’s there or not. There’s no in-between. At least for a lot of us. Of course, now what is allowed and what is not is subjective. I may not be okay with my partner flirting with other women, but someone else may be okay with that as long as they don’t cross the pre-defined boundaries.

At the end of it, we all have some said and unsaid rules in our relationships which define our fidelity. However, you’d be surprised to know that some people are born pros at being loyal AF. They just seem programmed to be with just one partner, like penguins! Apparently, your zodiac sign can say a lot about how loyal you will be in a relationship. And if you are one of these zodiac signs, being faithful comes naturally to you.

1) Cancer

If you’re a Cancerian, you’re not a casual kinda person. As much as you hate it, it’s who you are. Of course, the occasional, ‘Hey why should the other zodiac signs have all the fun?’ thought does cross your mind, but that’s all it is- a passing thought. You don’t fall in love easily. In fact, you will only invest your energy in a connection that comes with the possibility of a future. And when you find the bae of your dreams, you put your 100% in to that relationship. You nurture it with the utmost sensitivity and care, and all the guys who have been hitting on you disappear from your consideration set. You’re taken and there’s no way you’re going to let the thrill of a chance encounter ruin that.

2) Libra

People born under this sign are family- oriented and when they fall in love with someone, they start seeing them as family too. Librans like things to be stable in life, and try to avoid unnecessary shuffling of things. If your bae will suggest going out for dinner, you will pick the restaurant you’ve tried, tested and loved. You will have Netflix nights every Friday because you love routine. And though it might get a bit monotonous for your variety-loving baby, here’s a good thing about it. You are the kind of person who will have no difficulty loving the same partner for eternity. You will not just be loyal but also very consistent in your romance even 500 years down the line. But you won’t live that long, so that’s out of the question.


 3) Capricorn

You are a little too serious when it comes to relationships and often find yourself trapped in a situation where you’re simply being taken for a ride. On one hand, you will be thinking and overthinking and they will be flirting with another girl, because they are completely unaware that you thought this was serious. So when you finally meet the one, who wants the same things from a relationship, you guard it with your life. You appreciate their loyalty and in return, you too will strike off all other peeps off the love list.

4) Scorpio

In ancient times, there was no such concept as monogamy and we have a feeling that it was a Scorpio who came up with this idea! They love with so much passion that it’s just not possible for them to share themselves or their partner with anybody else. Your partner becomes your priority and if they need you, you’d drop everything and be there in a heartbeat. You will celebrate your bae and their little achievements. When you love a person, there’s no way they will have any doubts about your feelings for them.

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5) Virgo

People born under this zodiac sign are practical AF. While they do care about emotions, they aren’t the kind to get carried away by temporary thrills. Virgos barely take risks; they go straight for security.  Which means that once a Virgo finds it in a relationship, they will safeguard their love from external influences, including affairs. They are smart and the smartest thing to do is to remain loyal.

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