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5 Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You For Who You Are

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A lot of people stay in unhealthy relationships because they are afraid of being alone. Each day, they put up with their partner’s shitty behaviour. Their partner pisses on their parade, ruins every happy moment of theirs, makes their achievements look insignificant, and treats them like a charity case. Along with peace, that takes away their self-confidence as they begin to feel like they are not good enough. With a little of this poison every day, they get so under-confident that it becomes more difficult to walk away. Having a boyfriend who loves you for who you are is what you need.

“Acceptance is recognizing the other person for who he or she is and being attentive to the circumstances of the relationship moment by moment. Commitment is a state in which one’s romantic partner knows she or he is embraced by you fully, even when there are disagreements. Commitment leaves no room for disappointment or disillusionment, only acceptance,” Dr. John Thoburn writes in Psychology Today.

It’s not about your boyfriend being in a state of disillusionment and finding you to be a spitting image of perfection. But it’s rather about your partner knowing you: your flaws, your quirks, and what makes you amazing. It’s about him loving you, the whole you, not just the side he agrees with.

Here are 5 signs that your boyfriend loves you for who you are.

  • He gets happy when you find happiness in the things you do

It’s not like he is seeking someone to be his minion. He wants a partner who shares his passions but not at the cost of their own. Yes, he’d like it if you love rum like he does. But when you tell him all about the beer fest you were at, he listens. When you go out and have a great night with your friends, he loves it. He loves seeing you happy and respects your choices to make that happen. He has no intentions of changing who you are.

  • Your quirks are normalised in this relationship

As much as I love dressing up when I go out, I love looking a little homeless at home. It’s my idea of comfort. If there are a couple of perforations in my tee, even better! Does he judge my passion for looking homeless? Does he judge me for being addicted to lip balm? No, if he loves you for who you are, your quirks will be normalised in your relationship. He realises you’re a weirdo but you’re his weirdo!

  • He may criticise what you did but not who you are

When you fight and you end up being an asshole, he doesn’t say you are one, he says you are being one! You never feel like he would love you less if you criticise him, come off as emotionally needy, or something of that sort. When you fuck up, he will tell you what you did wrong but he doesn’t accuse you of being terrible. He loves you and respects you, but most importantly he doesn’t judge you and that’s the best thing.

  • He doesn’t say “But I prefer you in…”

He doesn’t ask you to wear sexy nighties when you’d just wear shorts and a tee. He doesn’t ask you to not cut your hair short because he loves them long. He doesn’t make you wonder what you need to change for him to be more attracted to you. What he wants is you to stay true to yourself and that makes him love you even more.

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  • You feel like you can tell him anything

Your heart knows best. When someone adores you for who you are, you have a spring in your step. Your energy is high and you feel more confident than ever. You share a transparent relationship in which you can talk to him about almost anything. That’s because you feel accepted, understood, and respect. Your boyfriend loves you just the way you are. Did you sing it in your head? I did!

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