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5 Sex Positions That Will Make Any Woman Moan

March 12, 2019 | by Akanksha Narang

The thing about orgasms is, that they are elusive and sometimes, you just have to fake them. Now you’ve done it so often and so well, you’re in line for an Oscar. Have you ever wondered if it’s just you? No, honey. Let me break it to you, most women find it difficult to orgasm during regular intercourse. No, DIY is not the solution. Take charge of your orgasms and ask for what is rightfully yours.

Now here’s a key point. Any woman who says she can orgasm just by sex is lying! And if she’s not, poach her man. Clitoris stimulation and foreplay is essential. Not encouraged. Not advised. It is ESSENTIAL. So before you come out of another sexual encounter singing the blues, here’s your ticket to orgasm land. Clueless? Fret not, here’s a list of sex positions that guarantee mind-blowing orgasms.


If you’re sexually active and haven’t tried the cowgirl position yet, are you even enjoying it? Those who have tried the cowgirl position, vouch for it. When it comes to coming, this is where the money is at.  The cowgirl is when you get on top of your man. Make sure you’re on your knees rather than squatting to reduce the burden on your thighs. Now instead of bending forward, lean back. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing O as he rubs you down there. Moan and make it known!

Reverse Cowgirl

What happens when you club cowgirl and doggy style? You get the position that will make you scream! Ask your man to lie down flat with his feet slightly off the bed. As you climb the object of your desire, you can place your hands on his thighs or knees for support. It may seem run-of-the-mill, but wait for it. In this position, his penis will hit the spot and yet the winner will be, no prize for guessing, YOU! Move up, down, what the heck, move in circles! Whatever you do, his joystick will have *all* the joy in the world. Sure, feet aren’t his best feature but let’s focus on you, shall we?


Similar to doggy style, this position is a breath of fresh air for someone with a vanilla sex life. Lie down comfortably on your stomach with knees slightly bent. Spread your legs and allow him to enter your vagina from behind. Unlike doggy style, this position requires the man to bend towards you. His plonker will go in deep! This also means you can help yourself. Who is stopping you from making your clit work work work?


What do women want? Emotions and intimacy? Who are we kidding? When it comes to sex, what we want the most is the big O. Sexual spooning will, as a matter of fact, bring you both. Let him be the big spoon and enter your vagina from behind. This will not leave much room for movement but it will tease your G-spot in the best possible way. After you clean up, you can return to spooning sans the sex!


Feeling overwhelmed? Start off (and get off) with this piece of cake sex position. Place a pillow under your butt to elevate your body and libido. Keep your knees slightly bent and spread your legs. Once your man enters you, bringing your knees closer to your chest and, wrap your legs around him. You both can syncronise the speed and rhythm to come simultaneously. Once done, he can fall into your arms as you kiss and celebrate the ecstatic orgasms you’ve had. Easy peasy, wasn’t it?

Now go practise your best aaahhs and oooohs because you’re gonna need these babies soon. No more ridin’ solo!


Akanksha Narang

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