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5 Reasons People Breakup Even If They Are In Love And It’s Just Sad

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When I was younger, breakups hurt like the emotional version of a stab wound. You feel you’d be scarred for life, should you come out of it without a part of you perishing away. But back then you were just a nibbi and nibba acting like you know what love is. In those days, relationships meant feeling a rush of adrenaline around them and whispering sweet nothings for hours was the agenda. It meant not talking to them when they did something even remotely non-compliant to your heart. Then we all grew up and had real relationships and real breakups too.

All this while, we used to think love is enough to make your relationship last a lifetime. It’s only unfair that people who love each other should have to part ways. But over time, I realised that it’s not just about who we love but also about who is actually good for us. Here’s why people breakup even if they are in love.

1) Our love languages are different

Would you expect a hindi-speaking person to understand you if you talk to them in German? In your sane mind, you wouldn’t. Yet we expect our partner to love us in the way we understand love. But everybody loves differently and sometimes, we just fail to acknowledge their version of this emotion.

2) Lack of open communication

When your communication is as stuck as a clogged toilet, you can’t expect anything good to come out of it. Instead of clearing things out, we make assumptions that only lead to misunderstandings. We create our versions of the truth when the easiest thing to do is simply discuss it out. A lot of relationships suffer from lack of communication.

3) We give up too easily

We are a generation that loves convenience and instant gratification. So what do we do when we hit a tough spot? We pack our bags and take the first flight out of the relationship because ‘it’s not working out’. Long distance relationships work. Fights can be solved. But we’d rather date when it’s convenient than fight it out for love.

4) All of us carry baggage from the past

We carry our baggage around like it’s an arm we can’t afford to lose. But making your current relationship suffer because of your ex is not cool. So your ex cheated on you with his best friend doesn’t mean you get a green light to go possessive on your current. Keep your excess luggage out and give him a clean slate. But most of us seldom do that and it ends up breaking the most loving of relationships.

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5) We want different things

Sometimes we just want different things from life and if nobody is willing to compromise you have to part ways. Like if your boyfriend wants to move to a different country and you can’t, what do you do? Or your boyfriend lives to party and you live to sleep. Maybe one of you aren’t ready to settle down and the other one wants to have that security. Sometimes, destiny is just not on our side.

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