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10 Reasons Having A Cheesy Boyfriend Is The Best Thing Ever

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When we’re single, all those cheesy, corny couples make us want to throw up. In fact, especially when you’re single, you will feel like these couples are taking over the world. You can’t even have a drink in a bar peacefully without these annoying drunk-on-love people making an appearance. While you’re dancing with your friends, the dance floor will be filled with couples wrapped in each other’s arms, and you’re like, are you guys drugged or what? In fact, even people who are in a relationship can have a similar reaction to cheesiness. While, a lot of it depends on your personality type, several naysayers have just never been with the perfect cheesy guy. I mean, if you tried a stinky disgusting cheese, would you give up on mozzarella? Okay, bad analogy. But what I am saying is, some are good, some are not. I say find the good kinda cheesy boyfriend who will not be afraid to express his love to you, unabashedly. And if you already have one, hold on to him! Here are 10 reasons a cheesy boyfriend is an absolute delight!

1) You will never be deprived of affection

Cheesy boys are like cute little pups – they will shower you with so much attention you will feel like the most important person in the world. When your mood is even remotely low, they will drown you in their hugs and kisses factory.

2) He will give you the best gifts and surprises

When it’s your birthday, a regular boy will go to the store, buy an expensive dress and be done with it. But the cheesy boy will be taking notes one month in advance. That time you mentioned you’re a sucker for timepieces? He noted. You know how you always order the cheesecake? He has been taking notes all along. Then he brings you the best of everything and makes you happy!

3) And leave aww-worthy comments on social media

I want a boyfriend who puts such amazingly cheesy comments on my Instagram pictures, that the uninitiated would think he’s a paid follower! That’s the goal!

4) You will have a personal poet at hand

With all that love in his veins, he might have a poetic side to him. If not, he will probably be dedicating you romantic songs, sending you amazing quotes and being expressive AF. If he goes down on one knee, he will probably sing “I wanna grow old with you.”

5) It will be so difficult to remain mad at him

When we get mad at bae, we may say that we want to be left alone. But what we really do want is him to just pamper us with his affection. And the cheesy boyfriend will do just that. He will act goofy and crack you up. And just when you think you can still pretend to be angry, he will say something so cute, your walls will be down in a minute.

6) He will always boost your confidence

Feeling bloated? Having self-doubt? Just ask your boy and he will make you feel you can conquer the world. Some of it may be coming from the fact that he is head over heels in love with you. But overall, it will boost your confidence. Again, you’ll have to tell people that you didn’t even pay him to do that.

7) Years down the line, the chemistry will still be strong

Do you go aww looking at those cute old couples, at the park, blushing like teens in love? That’s gonna be you!

8) He will cheer you up when you’re sad

Lost that promotion to an ass-licker at work? You can keep your head on his lap and vent as much as you like. He loves you so much that he will voluntarily lend his ears for as long as you like. And while you’re at it, he will order your favourite pizza and feed you because you’re too busy talking. But really, stop whining and kiss him instead?


9) Sometimes you will find it annoying but it’s okay

The truth is, that occasionally you will feel overwhelmed with all this attention because you’re not used to it. You may ask for space, and then realise that you really do want all that mush!

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10) Sex with him will feel like magic

Imagine walking into a room filled with scented candles, and then being carried to the bathtub filled with rose petals. Not like you’ve rolled into mud and need a shower. But he wants to woo you and make a night of your love-making and that’s both exhilarating and rejuvenating. Sex and spa in one fell swoop! Who wouldn’t want that?

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