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You Won’t Believe Why Jahnvi Kapoor’s Repeats Her Clothes!

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Janhvi Kapoor, the new star kid of the tinsel town recently made an appearance at Anaita Shroff’s chat show and we can’t get over how relatable her responses were! Janhvi, who instantly became the apple of millennial’s eyes, simply because she has been her candid and cute self and we love her for it.

So when she was asked about her repeating clothes, she gave a reply that we ourselves have given too many times to people. She said, “Itna bhi paisa nahi kamaya ki har roz naye kapde! (I haven’t earned so much money that I can wear a new dress everyday)” and boy do we relate.

She further went on to say how she doesn’t let what people think matter to her. She said, “You can’t please everyone. Especially with this. I guess you would take their criticism seriously if it was to do with your work and then work on that. But how I look outside the gym isn’t really my job.”

Yes we get it that she is born in fame and money, but that neither stops her from earning her own way into luxury nor does it stop her from being the young fashionista that she is, and why must it? She still slays all of her looks and if she thinks she looks cute in a dress and wants to wear it again, then she should go right ahead and do it! Gives us all the more reason to wear that black blouse we stuffed at the back after wearing it all of one time. It is time to milk it for all its worth without feeling judged for it.

After all, someone wise once rightly said, ‘Good clothes, wine and years must never be wasted’. Okay fine, I said it, but it makes sense right? And Janhnvi Kapoor agrees. She’s redefining the rules of the game, by not just being genuine but comfortable with the idea of it. Way to go, girl!


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