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Woman Constable Honours Corona Warriors By Dressing Goddess Gauri As Doctor And Policewoman. What A Great Way To Appreciate Their Efforts

August 31, 2020 | by Anjali Agarwal

There’s a saying in India that doctors are second to god and I have always believed it to be true. I mean, they are literally doing god’s work by selflessly saving people from suffering, healing and even bringing them back to life, in some cases. No wonder they are worshipped like gods in India. However, besides doctors, the coronavirus outbreak added the other frontline workers like the police force to this saying, and it’s for the right reasons. They are putting their lives at risk so the lockdown restrictions are followed and the spread of the deadly disease is contained.

Now, you know Indians. They turn even a crisis into an opportunity, right? In the same spirit, Komal Pawar, a constable from Satara, Maharashtra, put the festival Ganeshotsav to great use by dressing Goddess Gauri as doctor and policewoman to honour the corona warriors as well as give out an important message regarding the safety precautions. She dressed the idols of Goddess Gauri in doctor’s white coat and uniform of policewoman, put a mask and handed them a placard requesting people to follow the rules and so coronavirus can be stopped. What a brilliant way to celebrate these brave warriors!

The photo of her Gauri idols was posted on Twitter by the Superintendent of Police of Satara, Tejaswi Satpute. She wrote in the caption, “My Police constable Komal Pawar (Shahupuri police station, SATARA) have unique theme for Gauri this year. This decoration speaks a lot. Salute to her creativity.”

Komal told in an interview, “Gauri pujan is a festival within the Ganesh festival. Men do take part, but the main role is played by women in the household. For three days, we take care of the Gauris.” Gauri Pujan is a part of Ganeshotsav, where Goddess Gauri, the mother of Lord Ganesh is worshipped for three days. The idols of Gauri are cladded in sarees, decked with jewellery and flower garlands. However, Komal’s one Gauri idol was decked in a doctor’s coat over saree and had stethoscope while the other one was dressed in a police uniform, a khadi saree, and had a lathi. Both wore masks and had a placard with an important message to stop the spread the coronavirus.

Tweeple lauded Komal’s creativity and the extraordinary way to honour the professionals. A Twitter user wrote, “This initiative is important to send the message through our festivals.” A user pointed out how amazingly she blended the spirit of the festival with the teaching for current crisis. He wrote, “Great teaching with devotion. Salute u all.” Another wrote, Very powerful and symbolic celebration of Gauri ma’am! Salute to her.”

The concept behind it was not only spreading the message of safety and social distancing but also to make people realise that we need to respect these professions and other corona warriors fighting for us in this crucial time. I love the fact how this gesture celebrates our frontline workers, especially women who are juggling their official duties and housework at the same time and rightly equates them to gods.

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This year’s Ganesh Chaturthi has been largely dedicated to the healthcare professionals and police force working endlessly and tirelessly for the nation in the fight towards coronavirus. In cities like Hyderabad, Kohlapur and Chennai, Ganesh idols were inspired by corona warriors as a show of respect towards their efforts. They were dressed in the uniform of policemen and doctors to honour them. Ramya, one of the organisers of the festival from Hyderabad told Hindustan Times, “This idol of lord Ganesha idol which is installed here is an eco-friendly idol. We are thanking frontline workers, such as Police, doctors and GHMC staff who are there for us 24/7 and helping us by risking their lives. The idols are giving us the message to maintain social distancing, wear a mask and sanitise hands.”

This is a great way to show them the respect they deserve. However, all said and done, god idols inspired by them isn’t enough. These frontline workers deserve much more than that but sadly are often mistreated and misbehaved with. We shouldn’t forget how they are overworking themselves, putting their personal life and duties at the back seat and risking their lives by exposing themselves to the deadly virus on a daily basis just so we are safe and alive. They deserve to be respected and appreciated for the job they are doing now, even after this pandemic ends.

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Anjali Agarwal

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