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26-Year-Old Woman Abducted, Stripped, Assaulted, Tied To A Tree And Filmed In A Jungle In Mumbai. This Is Horrible!

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Every time my faith gets a slight bit reinstated in the system and people of this country, especially in context of women and their safety, I get proven wrong almost a little too instantly and brutally. Despite taking out numerous rallies, introducing campaigns that focus on strengthening women security or creating a social media outrage every time a rape case surfaces (which is almost every second hour), the women of this country still walk with danger looming over their heads. This recent case in Mumbai where a woman was abducted by 4 people and the ordeal they put her through filmed is a testament to just how this country has failed its women, yet again.

Disturbing reports of a 26-year-old woman from Vasai being abducted by 4 people on February 19 have come up, the details of which have left us disgusted and disoriented to say at the least. Turns out, the woman was abducted and taken to a jungle in Bhiwandi in the evening, where she was stripped off her clothes, assaulted and tied to a tree by four persons.

This is not all. There are reports that further share how half of the woman’s hair were also shaved off, all the while she was being filmed in the state, and threatened that her video would be put up on social media.

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Somehow making out of the nightmarish situation alive, the woman lodged a complaint with the Nizampura police in Bhiwandi, who transferred the case to Waliv police. It was upon investigation that it was found out how she was offered sugarcane juice near Chinchoti Naka, which was laced with sedatives.

The abductors apparently left the victims clothes where they picked her up from and took her to the jungle where she was assaulted. Out of four, three of the abductors have been identified by the woman, and the more shocking news is that one of them is a woman.

The police has shared, “We have registered a case under sections 328 (causing hurt by poison), 354 (molestation), 342 (wrongful confinement) of the Indian Penal Code and also under Information Technology Act 2000 against the four accused. The case has been transferred to us and we are investigating further.” The police further shared, “We will question her when she is in the right frame of mind as she is under mental trauma due to the incident.”

It is a shame to see that people are no less than monsters who would go to any length to torture a woman, strip her off clothes, tie her to a tree and blackmail her with indecent videos. Women can not be put through such horrendous situations and something needs to be done sooner than later.

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