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7 Women-Only Travel Groups To Make Your Dream Trip A Reality!

February 23, 2018 | by Japleen Kaur
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Solo travel is not everyone’s cup of tea. Plus in the society that we live in, it gets tough for women to travel alone in their city, let alone travelling anywhere else. But, why should we give up on our dreams just because of a few filthy men, who can’t keep it in their pants? Sadly, being a rebel won’t work in reality. At least it doesn’t with my parents. So, to convince them, I decided to travel with a women-only travel group, and it worked like magic.

They had zero issues; I got to travel, made new friends, and ultimately it was a win-win situation for everybody!

Women-only travel clubs allow you to go places, either alone or with your girlfriends. And sometimes you just need that. There are plenty of such groups, and here are a few of them that will make sure you have the time of your life!

women only travel groups - wow club

1. Women On Wanderlust – WOW Club

After travelling solo for years, Sumitra founded the WOW Club for women who are nomadic at heart, just like her. With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, this club offers both, domestic and international trips to women, and customises them too.

For those who are high on wanderlust, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get the kick that only travel can give.

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women only travel groups - we travel solo

2. We Travel Solo

A gift to all women who dream of travelling alone someday, the We Travel Solo app surely makes it easy. You can choose from curated trips and weekend getaways, according to what suits your need best. Rest assured, you will meet travel companions who will become your friends for life.

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women only travel groups - wandering jane

3. Wandering Jane

Having lived the corporate life for over a decade, founders of Wandering Jane, Akshat and Garima wanted to fuel their passion for travel and starting something on their own. With this company, they want to create a safe environment for women to travel and experience new adventures.

Just put in your destination, and the kind of thrill you’re looking for, and they will plan the ideal trip for you!

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women only travel groups - soul purpose

4. Soul Purpose

Vidya Deshpande left her full-time journalism career to start a travel group that helps women not only to travel to new places, but to learn on the go. Soul Purpose offers tours that are more than just visiting destinations. A trip can be clubbed with a photo walk, a music fest, a culinary trail, or something that felicitates the local flavours of our country.

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women only travel groups - ladakhi womens travel company

5. Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company

I have not met a single person who doesn’t want to visit Ladakh. A biking trip across the majestic valleys is the end goal, right? Well, this travel company specialises in ticking off the Ladakh adventure from your list sooner than you imagined.

Stay with the locals, roam around with female guides and get the authentic feel of the mountains, while not having to bother about your safety. If I were you, I would call my girl gang now, and book seats immediately!

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women only travel groups - girls on the go

6. Girls On The Go

Whether you want to watch the Northern Lights, go camping in Mongolia, or just chill by the beach in Bali… this travel club will make it possible for you with their reasonable packages.

Pick from group travel or solo, and leave everything else to them. You might just get addicted to travel, and in my opinion, that’s not a bad thing at all!

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women only travel groups - diva odysseys

7. Diva Odysseys

This travel club believes in travelling like a diva, and hey, why not!? To get the best luxury tours, book this boutique tour group and you will have fun while being all fancy.

Stay in the best hotels, eat the most amazing meals, and enjoy locations without compromising on quality. There are tons of options to choose from, and I guarantee that there is a trip for every girl.

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