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7 Reasons To Travel With Your Mom Before It’s Too Late

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As soon as we leave school and reach the ‘adult’ world of college, somehow we want to be more independent, want more time to ourselves — at least, this has been true in my case. And several rebel sessions, fights, and cry fests later, I did get that freedom. I got lost in my world of friends and social interactions, much like most of my generation did.

But what I didn’t realise was that there was someone at home who craved for my time and valued every moment spent with me, and that was my mom.



While I planned yet another dinner with my besties, my mom quietly kept the food she had cooked in the fridge, hoping I would eat with her the next day. While I called up bae at midnight to cry about the guy who was being a jerk, my mom lay sleepless in her bed hoping I would tell her why I hadn’t smiled all day.

While I got frustrated with my girlfriends for cancelling yet another trip, I forgot that my bestest friend, my mom, was just waiting to be asked.

And that’s what I want to do with my mom this Mother’s Day — go on a getaway to tell her that no matter how fast I’m moving ahead in my life, I will never leave her behind.

Travel is really the best gift any daughter can give her mother, and every girl genuinely needs it. To know why, keep scrolling.

PS: I suggest you keep your credit cards ready, because once you’re done reading this, you will definitely book a quick weekend getaway for two.



1. To Thank Her

She has handled your tantrums, mood swings, and random outbursts for years now, and though no amount of ‘thank yous’ can make up for the things she has done, you have to start somewhere .

Taking her on a trip will show her you care and that she is still an important part of your life. And though a simple ‘thank you’ message has the potential to bring tears to her eyes and she will always tell you it is not needed, this one trip will mean the world to her.



2. To Catch Up

We have become immensely busy with our lives and, even if you want to, you fail to take time out to spend with your mother. There may be days when you go without talking to each other and the your conversations may just be limited to ‘did you have lunch’ messages on WhatsApp — from her.

A trip will give you ample time to catch up on each other’s lives — just the two of you, shut off from the world.




3. She Will Pamper You The Most

Come on, you know she will buy you that gorgeous dress you spotted in the market or that bag that is oh-so cute, without even thinking twice. She will let you eat whatever you want, because you are on vacation and, for once, she will be so happy that all your demands will be fulfilled.



4. She Will Be Up For Anything

Your crazy demands, stupid adventures, and unreasonable requests may be torturous for your friends, but your mother will probably be up for anything. She will not judge you or get embarrassed in your company. Nothing but pure fun and love.

Click clichéd pictures, several retarded selfies, indulge in hours of styling sessions, and lots more. All you have to do is pack your bag and hers.

Plus, she will make sure that you get enough photos for your Instagram feed.




5. The Best Bodyguard Ever

Anything that goes wrong while you are on holiday can be saved by her. She will take care of your documents or any unwanted maniacs. With her, you will feel safer than ever. Because, you know, mom.

And she will also be your wing-woman! Got a crush on that cute boy living in the same hotel? Tell her and she will give you some kickass tips.



6. You Will Discover So Much About Her

It is the best time to know who and how your mom actually is. Get to know the real her. How she was in college, what she did with her besties, what her relationship is like with her mom, how many guys she dated, and anything else you want to talk to her about that you can’t at home.

Your mom was a person before she became a mother and she deserves a chance to meet that person again.



7. These Chances Are Rare

An opportunity to travel solo with your mom is not something everyone gets and, if you do, make the most of it. You will get busier, she will have other responsibilities, time will keep changing and, though your bond won’t, a chance to travel with her again may not come back.

One trip will give you 2 a lifetime of memories. It will make your relationship stronger and no matter how far you go from each other, a throwback to this one trip will be enough to curve those lips into an honest smile.


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