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#HauterflyOnTheGo: Confessions Of A Polaroid User

May 02, 2017 | by Japleen Kaur
Confessions of a Polaroid User_Featured_Hauterfly

You know, sometimes in life we get obsessed with the idea of owning something, and until we have it, we don’t calm down? I went through that phase 2 years ago, when I desperately wanted a Polaroid camera.

TBH, I blame my crazy obsession on movies and TV shows that had young girls twirling around with their cute Polaroids, and snapping away to fill their journals. My tantrums were finally fruitful when my then-boyfriend gifted one to me (after shamelessly dropping hints), and it is something I will never part ways with.

I got the usual Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film, and it was everything I had dreamt of. Though I would have preferred a pastel blue or pink one, I got the violet Polaroid, which was my favourite colour at the time. Yup, another phase.

Now, owning this gadget may seem fancy and, for the most part, it actually is. But it really, really shows its magic when you travel. Forget the digital cams, the smartphones (okay, not literally), and go retro with a Polaroid that will give you memories for a lifetime.



A Roll Full Of Memories 

For starters, the feeling of holding a physical photo beats the one on your phone gallery, any day. You will look at them for maybe a week, share them on your social handles, and then forget that they exist. But a Polaroid picture will be a quiet reminder of the fantastic time you had, the beaches you saw, the mountains you conquered, the stories you churned.

For modern travellers, this is a travel essential and that’s not because of the image quality, which isn’t great. But for the simple fact that you bring back a piece of that place when you click a Polaroid photo. It is almost like the place travelled back with you. And that is magical.

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My friends collectively lost their shit when they found out that I now have a camera that instantly gives you the pictures and, fair enough, my first roll went in pleasing them. Slowly, even they realised that a Polaroid is not for a million selfies and fake candid moments, but for those few special moments that you want to keep safe.



But Let’s Get Real

The standard Polaroid camera is quite reasonable, but of course, there is a catch. Each film has the capacity to take 20 photos, and each film roll costs a whopping Rs 1,000.

Yes, that’s also the reason you need to be judicious when taking photos with a Polaroid — unless, of course, you want to spend more on a Polaroid roll and less on the travel! The smart thing is to buy the camera and the roll together, as it’s cheaper.

Capturing the sunset view won’t be possible, as a Polaroid image always has a dark patch on it when directed at the sun. It almost looks like the image is possessed.

Also, often the images come out grainy and it takes time to get the perfect angle, but since you can’t waste the roll on trial and error, be very careful! Trust me, my heart sinks a little every time an image comes out…well, weird.



To Sum Up

It is a style statement and too cute not to buy! It is a legit investment, one that you won’t regret. All you need is a journal that will be home to your snaps or maybe the cliched jute string with fairy lights? YES PLEASE!

And they make perfect postcards, romantic notes, or just miss you/thank you notes. Time to put it on your packing list and save some space for the camera in your bag.

But if you don’t know which camera to buy, scroll down to see our top 3 picks covering various budgets. Essentially all of them have one ultimate goal — to give you instant images. What differs is the added qualities to this basic function.

Let us know in the comments below which ones makes it to your next holiday!


Confessions of a Polaroid User_Featured_Hauterfly

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (Rs 4,640)


Confessions of a Polaroid User_Featured_Hauterfly

Fujifilm INSTAX Wide 300 Instant Camera (Rs 8,699)


Confessions of a Polaroid User_Featured_Hauterfly

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera With LCD Display (Rs 26,999) 

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