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#HauterflyOnTheGo: Bollywood Divas That Will Give You Major Travel Goals

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Okay, let’s be realistic. No one, and I mean, there is no one who doesn’t like to travel or go on a holiday. There are a few specimens who may find travelling tedious, and if you know any of them, please introduce them to me. Talking to such rare creatures would be quite an experience.

Usually, we all just need a boost or a kick in the ass (not literally) to start packing our bags, without thinking of every possible consequence.

And who better than our favourites Bollywood celebrities to do that for you? These actresses not only travel in style, but they also visit gorgeous locales that will give you series goals. But, instead of cursing your life, why don’t you get inspired by these beauties and let them show you where to go to next?

Paris, Sydney, Bangkok, Bali, London, and so on — no beautiful place on this planet has been left untouched by the Bollywood clan, and hey, we’re not complaining! Witness these locations through their eyes and then start building your own itinerary. And once you’re done with that, just leave.

And when you do that, send us your fabulous vacation pics. Because travel stories are best when shared!


Shraddha Kapoor in Berlin


Ileana D Cruz in London


Parineeti Chopra in Egypt


Sonam Kapoor in Paris


Taapsee Pannu in Thailand


Sonakshi Sinha in Sydney


Jacqueline Fernandez in Austria


Nargis Fakhri in Bali


Neha Dhupia in France


Divya Khosla Kumar in Thailand


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