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8 Gorgeous Places That Women Can Travel To Solo!

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There are phases in our lives when we just need to spend some time alone, away from our routines. No matter who you are, solitude helps in clearing out things that are complicated. And the best way to do this is to pack your bags and venture out into a whole new world, if only for a few days. We’ve already told you why it’s important for a woman to travel solo at least once in her life. Now, we’ve curated a list of destinations that are gorgeous, safe, and oozing with fun for all you ladies hit by wanderlust!


I Amsterdam_Hauterfly

Central area in Amsterdam


Flower market_Hauterfly

Cycling in the flower market in Amsterdam. Courtesy: I Amsterdam 

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the many places perfect for women who want to travel alone. With its interesting history and warm culture, you will feel right at home here. The beautiful city is home to the largest flower market in the world, and even after spending an entire day at this scenic place, you will not be bored. Book a tour guide to show you around or just rent a cycle and explore it in your own way. If you’re someone who appreciates art, this city has tons of museums, the most famous being the Van Gogh Museum. You can also party all night long at the best clubs too!

To make travelling around the city easier, the tourism department of Amsterdam issues an ‘I Amsterdam’ card that enables you with a lot of entry permits and other facilities. To know more, click here.


London eye_Hauterfly

Aerial view of London City


Buckingham Palace_Hauterfly

Buckingham Palace in London. Courtesy: Visit London

2. London, United Kingdom

The city of dreams is a must visit if you are planning to travel solo. London has hoards of opportunities and now cheaper tickets too! Inspired by Kangana Ranaut (from Queen, of course!), let go of you fears and head to the city to explore all that it has to offer. Make sure you get time to visit Buckingham Palace to witness British royalty in all its glory. And more than anything, the cute guys with accents that can melt hearts. There are tons of safe and affordable hostels where you can stay in all the comfort that you want.





3. Boracay, Philippines

This beachy island is a paradise for all you water babies! Everywhere you go, the soothing sound of the waves will follow you. If you want to get away from city life and spend some time alone, this island is the perfect choice. Also known as the white beach thanks to the colour of the sand, it is one of the best beaches in the world. Awaken your adventurous side by cliff diving, parasailing, or water skiing in the clear waters. Secondly, the delicious food will make sure that you don’t watch your waistlines while on vacation. Most of the hotels are lined parallel to the beach, providing you with views that are to die for.



Market area of Bergen


Hilly Area Norway_Hauterfly

One of the attractions in ‘Norway In A Nutshell’ tour. Courtesy: Visit Norway

4. Bergen, Norway

A perfect mix of modern culture and historic architecture, the second largest city in Norway makes it to our solo travel list. A super chilled town where you can go to relax and shed all your worries. A part of the town is filled with students, which guarantees that the nightlife will be loads of fun. It’s an ideal destination to gel with strangers and make new friends. Take long walks in the town while admiring the cute multi-coloured houses with slanting roofs. They look straight out of an old folktale, right?

The best way to explore this city is to sign up for the ‘Norway In A Nutshell’ tour that takes you to the best locations in Bergen. To know more, click here.


Waterfront Paros_Hauterfly

Boat rides at the waterfront in Paros


Greek cafe_Hauterfly

Greek cafes on cobbled paths. Courtesy: Visit Greece 

5. Paros, Greece

Every inch of Paros is soothing to the eyes. The colour coordinated island town looks gorgeous in blue and white. The streets are lined with cute little Greek cafes that serve lip-smacking traditional food. The doorways to these streets are arched gates that make you feel like you’ve gone back 500 years. Paros has hills that are perfect for Sunday morning treks.


Northen Lights_Hauterfly

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northen Lights


Reykjavik in winter_Hauterfly

Reykjavik in winter. Courtesy: Visit Reykjavik

6. Reykjavik, Iceland

That magical moment when the Northern Lights light up the sky is surreal and it promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Long drives along the snow-capped mountains is the dream, right? Not many people consider Reykjavik a vacation option, but they are surely missing out on a lot. The city has amazing cultural festivals that are brilliantly done. Apart from hotels, there are many homestay options. The locals are extremely friendly and by staying with them, you will get a chance to see life there through their eyes. It cannot get more authentic than this!


Swedish homes_hauterfly

Swedish township near the river


Skiing in Sweden_Hauterfly

Skiing is one of the major sports in Stockholm. Courtesy: Visit Sweden

7. Stockholm, Sweden

A walk down the small lanes of Stockholm is a therapeutic experience. The red cottages make you feel like you’ve dived straight into a fairytale. Talking about fairytales, what most locals do here on holidays is pack a heavy lunch and head out to the palace grounds for a nice picnic. Stockholm cafes serve the best coffee with tarts that’ll leave you wanting more. Picture this: A red cottage near the river, you sitting in one of the small cafes, drinking a hot cuppa of coffee and watching the sun go down. WOW!


Juliet's wall_Hauterfly

Visitor’s wall in Juliet’s house


Verona Arena_Hauterfly

Verona’s arena where major events take place. Courtesy: Italy Guides

8. Verona, Italy

Dive back in time in this historic Roman city. This is the place where Shakespeare’s iconic play, Romeo & Juliet, was first enacted. You get a tour of the arena where the drama began and a chance to visit the famous balcony where Juliet would meet her lover. Verona is just a short distance from Venice, so you can probably combine those two and make an epic solo getaway out of it. Gondola rides, Italian food, and love stories… what else do you need?


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