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Tik Tok May Get Banned. Why Are People So Obsessed With Ruining Everything Fun?

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I am convinced today that all good things in life have a shelf life and if you’re living in India, then that shelf life is not going to be long. Coming from a ‘happiness is always short-lived’, mindset we are hinting at the latest news where the Madras High Court asked the Centre to ban the popular Chinese video app Tik Tok.

Basing the decision on the fact that it promotes pornography and content that could be inappropriate for children, the court issued an interim direction to prohibit downloading of the application altogether.

The court made a statement saying the dangerous aspect of  TikTok is the “inappropriate” content and the possibility of the children contacting strangers directly. The order also observed that pranks made using the app could violate privacy and be dangerous.

I don’t get it. Why are people so committed to taking the fun out of everything? Also, doesn’t an iota of responsibility of keeping a child away from potentially harmful content lie with a parent or a guardian? Surely, we can’t absolve them of all responsibility?

See, porn was fun and exciting. They took that away from us. And now all of have to find other ways to climax. Like another human. Now they ban this fun video app that people enjoyed. Maybe Facebook will go next. You know, because of all the well, parents on it that need to be monitored. Or Instagram because there are just too many “influencers” and there’s no one left to influence. Guess, the country’s way of letting us have fun is by not letting us have any fun at all, because apparently, that leads to degrading Indian culture.

To curb everything fun there is, in the name of maintaining cultural values stinks of a greater need to control. I smell conspiracy.


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