Ti Toilets Are Reinventing The Concept Of Public Washrooms For Women And We Are Loving This

Ti Toilets Are Reinventing The Concept Of Public Washrooms For Women And We Are Loving This

Rachel in season 3 of Friends said, “no tissue, no tushy” and that is my motto when it comes to public washrooms. It should be yours as well, public washrooms all over India often reek of urine or faeces, they never have any water and it’s like they have never heard of something called toilet paper. I have had more horrifying encounters with the public toilet system than I can count. You are always left with two options- either use the disgusting washroom or contract a UTI.

I think it is safe to say, having to pee in a washroom at a public place is genuinely one of my worst nightmares. Can you imagine the number of germs and bacteria in that place?  *shudders* I am so sure most of them are still unknown to science. Okay, I might be exaggerating to prove a point, but every woman feels as strongly about this as I do and that, is a fact. Every time, I walk into a public washroom I wish someone would make our lives a little simpler. It is not all that difficult, is it?

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Today though, I feel like my prayers have been answered. I stumbled upon this terrific concept of rundown buses being converted into women’s toilets. This concept, called the Ti Toilet, has been started by an entrepreneurial duo Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Kher in Pune and has almost 12 buses up and about catering to around 200 women every day. The best part? All these buses run on solar energy through the solar panels which are mounted on top of the buses. Not to mention, they are all aesthetically pleasing and adorable which is a drastic change from what we are used to.

For an affordable rate of Rs 5, women can use not only the western and Indian style toilets but also breastfeed their babies and use the diaper stations. They also sell sanitary napkins as well for emergency situations. Ulka and Rajeev, both of whom have a portable sanitation business, wish to launch around 1,000 bsses like these around the country.

I really am hoping this project succeeds and we see more of these busses around our city, we could really use them.


Mitali Shah

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