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This Woman Makes More Than 3 Lakhs A Month By Selling Videos Of Her… Farting. BRB, Changing Professions!

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In olden times, choosing a profession was a simple. I mean, there were such few options to begin with, and most people just joined their family business. But today, it’s an incredibly difficult and confusing decision to make. Simply because we are overwhelmed by options. From becoming a doctor to playing video games all day to standing before a camera and ranting about your life’s problems, practically anything can be turned into a lucrative profession. It’s madness, indeed, but it gets easier once you recognize your passion. Even if your passion is recording your farts and posting them online. Nope, not making this one up. A woman in the USA has actually made a living by recording her flatulence. I was never a fan of toilet humour, let alone weird fetishes, but for the kind of money she earns, sign me up!

48-year-old Emma Martin from South Carolina, USA, has made a living by recording her farts and posting them online. It gets weirder. People actually pay her, quite a ton, for her smelly recordings. She earns $4,200 (Rs 3.05 lakh) per month by selling videos of herself farting. Of course, it’s icky and disgusting but I am also blown away by her ingenuity. I mean, she literally farts for a living. She has been recording her flatulence since 1999. She has now made an OnlyFans account and charges people $4.99 a month to watch her content. This really cracks me up!

Formerly a travel agent, Emma, follows a special diet that helps her perform. She told LADbible, “I eat a lot of salad, asparagus, and avocados. I also eat lots of Mexican food. One of my favourites is coleslaw and baked beans mixed together, I eat a lot of that too.” I think this is one of those cases where the nastier, the better, right? Emma is a mother of two and she ensures to her record herself farting only when her family is not around. She said that even though her husband knows about her “business”, he does not have a fart fetish. However, no one else in her family knows that she sells recordings of her farts online. No matter how old you are, this isn’t something that will sit well with your parents.

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Mostly, Emma caters to the people who have a fart fetish. Yep, that’s a thing. Google it. It’s one of those very disgusting but very well hidden fetishes. She created an OnlyFans account to sell her videos and also makes custom videos for her more dedicated followers. She charges $7 per minute for custom-made videos. Emma earns $2400 from her 300 subscribers on OnlyFans and around $1,800 from her custom-videos. She makes three videos a day for her OnlyFans subscribers. But that’s not enough for her fart-crazed fan base. Are you suddenly thinking of recording your farts and monetizing them? I know I am. So what if it’s utterly icky?

Emma said, “When I first heard about fart fetishes, I was like, ‘eww, what? That can’t be a fetish.’ But then I got into it. It’s kinda cool. It’s a well-hidden, secret fetish.” She claimed that her fan-base is divided into two social-categories. “Half are white-collar professionals looking for custom videos where I’ll say their names and do things they’re too embarrassed to ask their wives for. The other half are guys in their 20s who just follow me on OnlyFans,” she said.

What are weird kinks? In what world do farts turn people on? If I heard a recording of someone farting I might laugh but I definitely would not find it sexy. But hey, to each its own, right? If golden showers are a thing, how can we be surprised to learn about fart fetishes? However, I have to say I am mighty impressed at Emma’s commitment to her fart business. I am definitely thinking of changing careers. Who knows, I might be able to professionally break wind too!

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