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This Video Features Eight Women Who Are Doctors And Dancers. We Love Everything About It

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The mantra to live a happy life is to do what you love. But how many of us can really say that we are actually doing that? In Indian society, especially, it seems like the only suitable careers involve becoming a doctor, engineer or an IAS officer(if you are blessed with really ambitious parents).

If you want to pursue anything other than that, say filmmaking or dance, you’re throwing your life away and hey, be prepared to be compared to your cousins and Sharmaji’s bright and talented children all your life. Not shockingly enough, this holds true more for us girls. Hello gender biases.

For us, alternate careers don’t only worry the parents because they are different but also because will you, as a girl working say as a designer, be able to snag a suitable boy? Everyone knows doctors and engineers get the best husbands.

But there are girls out there who are not breaking but smashing the ceiling and following their passion, regardless of what society says. Then, there are those who are balancing two careers like a pro, one of which is their profession and other is passion.

I am talking about these 8 incredibly inspiring women who are not only successful healthcare professionals  but also dancers, choreographers and Youtubers with a huge following. They uploaded a dance video where they let us in on their double life of doctor and dancer and it’s the cutest and most inspiring thing you’ll see on the internet today.

Watch the video here:

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The video is similar to the popular #DontRushChallenge video. In this vide, the girls show off their dance moves in one shot which transitions into them showing up in their medical scrubs or doctor’s lab coat in the next shot.

The video features 8 Indian American dancers–doctors including Naina Batra (batra_naina on Instagram), who you might know from the dancer duo Manpreet and Naina. She has more than 550k subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts her dance covers of Bollywood songs. She is a doctor of physiotherapy in Edmonton, Alberta. The video also features Neelam Patel (neeelam19) who is an optometrist, Dixi (diximusic), a paediatrician, Divyanka Gupta (divyanka_gupta), a pharmacist, Vinita (vinihazari), Preethi Kamath (dr.preethikamath) an anaesthesiologist and Sukhmani (thatdentalgal), a dentist and Anisha Kay (anishakula), an orthodontist.

It’s amazing how these girls continued to pursue their passion and managed to make a successful career of it, while also winning in the respective healthcare fields.

These girls are proof that you can follow your dreams and have an academic career both at the same time and kick butts in both fields. Whoever said girls can’t do it all, must not have met these boss ladies.

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