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This Pakistani Politician Comments On A Female Politician’s Looks, Saying Her Beauty Was Because Of Surgeries. Men Need To Zip It

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I have a question, a very serious one. Is it a requirement for a politician to be sexist? Do they take a test before joining a party or standing in an election? No? Then why do they feel so compelled to pass misogynistic remarks? The worst part is that these politicians are the same who have been elected to represent us, keep us safe and fight for our rights. Well, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Anyway, today though we aren’t talking about an Indian politician but a Pakistani one. Don’t raise your eyebrows, they are all the same when it comes to their views on women. Pakistan federal minister Ali Amin Gandapur is receiving a lot of backlash for passing a sexist comment on a woman political leader. This is very infuriating! 

Pakistan federal minister Ali Amin Gandapur passed a derogatory comment about Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Vice-President Maryam Nawaz. He claimed that her “beauty” was the result of multiple surgeries that Maryam has had using taxpayer’s money. Seriously, do all these politicians have a problem with word vomit? This is extremely sexist. 

During a rally in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Shigar Ali Amin Gandapur was quoted by Geo News saying, “She is beautiful, I will speak the truth. But listen to this as well — she spent tens of millions on surgeries during Nawaz Sharif’s two governments, using your tax money to fix herself.” 

Is it only me or does Ali Amin Gandapur seem a tad threatened by Maryam Nawaz? Basically, one thing is clear that no matter what a woman’s qualifications or achievements are, she is always going to be judged on how she looks and her sartorial choices. She is there to work. She is the Vice-President of a political party. Why must she be judged on how she looks? This is not about either of their politics. This is about respecting a woman enough to not pass sexist and derogatory comments about her looks, especially when she there to work. I really wish these politicians would just shut up and, for once, do their jobs. 

The federal minister was called out for his remarks, as he should be. Pakistani social media called him a “disgrace”. Well, can’t really say I disagree with them. Here’s the thing though, Ali Amin Gandapur is also surrounded by misogynists. His special advisor also reportedly passed an extremely sexist comment about renowned political commentator. He called her a “filthy thing”. 

In a tweet, the Special Assistant, Sayed Bukhari said, “Poor filthy thing .. Asking for an Ali Amin Gandapur kinda response so she can go whine to fellow libtards? How are you such a comprehensive package of all different kinds of filth combined #MadamCessPool.” 

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Pakistan is not exactly known for being friendly towards women but this is disgusting. Women are forced to work twice as hard to prove their mettle however when they finally reach a position of power, they are still only judged harshly for their looks. It’s disgusting and these politicians really need to take a course- How Not To Be A Sexist Pig 101. We all know how many Indian politicians will have to join as well. 

Women politicians in India are no strangers to regressive and misogynistic comments passed by the male politicians. In our country as well, they are not judged for their politics but their looks and clothes. Take Nushrat Jahan for instance. The actress-turned- MP from Bengal often becomes fodder for trolls online. Last year, she got married to a man who belongs to the Jain religion and went to the Parliament wearing a simple saree and a mangalsutra. Not only was she trolled for this, but there was also a fatwa issued against her for that. She and Mimi Chakraborty were also shamed for wearing “western” outfits on their first day at the Parliament. Basically, according to male politicians, women can’t do anything right.  

I think women politicians, no matter what country, deserve a break from these relentlessly sexist comments. There is more to them than their appearance and it’s high time they are left alone to their jobs!

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