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This Minor Girl From Rajasthan Committed Suicide After She Was Raped. The Accused Is Identified And Is On The Run.

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Did you know that in a 2018 poll conducted by global experts, India was ranked as the most dangerous country for women? It was followed by Afghanistan in second place and Syria taking third place. Both of these countries have been racked by war and we trumped over them. When I read this first, I thought to myself how can we be worse than a country plagued by the Taliban and a country that is basically a war zone? But as the months followed and rape cases began coming out in the open one after the other, I realised it is very possible that our women are in more danger than the women in Afghanistan and that is saying something.

There is absolutely no denying that rape culture is highly prevalent in our country (unless you are highly ignorant and I’m hoping you’re not). It is almost as if a large percentage of the men in our country think it is perfectly okay to force themselves on a woman and do so much damage that the woman can never really get over it. Those men are worse than murderers.

The reason I am ranting about this right now is that we have a new rape case from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district. This time, the victim was an innocent 9th-grade girl which means she couldn’t have been older than 13 or 14 years old. This is gut-wrenching.

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Before I move on to the worst part about this incident, let me tell you what happened with this minor girl. According to the report that was filed by her family, the victim had gone to collect fodder for the cattle when a person named Lalaram Saini raped her. The screams of the girl gathered people who saved her, but Lalaram allegedly fled before they could catch him. He is still MIA.

A day after this incident took place, the girl committed suicide by hanging herself. Her family only lodged a complaint with the police about the rape after they found her hanging body. The report was filed in the Helena police station of the Bharatpur district. Maybe if they had done it sooner, she would be alive, and that monster would be behind bars.

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How many more heartbreaking cases like this one are we going to have? It’s not so difficult for a man to understand that forcing himself on a woman much less a minor girl is the worst possible thing to do on earth, is it?

We are looking forward to more details soon but until now all we can say is that we hope that the police find the man that did this to her. But, looking at the trajectory of the Nirbhaya case all we can do is hope that she gets the justice she deserves.

RIP little girl.

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