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This Couple Salsa Danced On The Sidewalk While Maintaining Social Distancing. This Is Proof That Everything Is Going To Be Okay

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Ever since people realised just how serious the coronavirus is about messing with our lives, the one question they can’t seem to stop asking is- how is life going to be once the dust settles? I think we can all agree that a lot is going to change. Of course, since the only thing 2020 has proved is that the universe does work in mysterious and unfathomable ways, we are uncertain about whether this change that is inevitable will be good or bad. But looking at the way this world is going, I doubt we are going to like it. 

Forgive my cynicism, but I do think that we aren’t going to be able to hug our loved ones for a while. But the upside is that our species is very good at adapting and thinking outside the box. Which means, we will find a way to make even social distancing and those uncomfortable masks, fun. 

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video that was shared by journalist Bianca Padró Ocasio. It features a couple doing salsa on a sidewalk, all while maintaining perfect social distancing and wearing masks. Well, if you are wondering how they are doing the salsa while maintaining a distance, the answer is that they are holding two ropes that are allowing them to coordinate their steps. 

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Both of them are clearly fabulous dancers! While sharing the video Bianca wrote, “Good morning. A friend of mine shared this video of social distanced salsa and it’s how I’m trying to be.”  

What I love about this video is the general carpe diem vibe of the two dancers. They are happy and vibrant and it is a total contrast to the melancholic atmosphere that has been created recently around the world. This video makes me want to believe that even though life will change post this pandemic, it will still be as much fun as before. Although having said that, as much fun as it looks, I doubt I would be able to get my clumsy ass to try this. I can’t even skip without getting entangled, just imagine how many times I would trip over those ropes. 

Of course, netizens loved this video as well. One Twitter user said, “This brings me pure joy!” and another one said, “Even with a lovely tutorial like this, I still can’t dance, but give me another 50 years.” While the others joked about how they would be wrapped up in those ropes. Personally, I agree with them the most. 

So, are you inspired enough to try out social-distancing salsa?

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