This 95-Year-Old Woman From Mizoram Donated Her Pension And Made Masks For Coronavirus Patients. Such Selflessness Is Awe-Inspiring.

Countries around the world are trying to buy time and flatten the curve of the spread of the novel coronavirus. With its origin still shrouded in mystery, we are dealing with a new deadly virus that has impacted us with an intensity we had not foreseen. COVID-19 has brought the world to standstill and humans on their knees, praying for all this to end soon. With the lockdown in place, our economy has shaken too. Not just that, the medical crisis requires huge funds and its commendable how several citizens have come forward to help out.

In an awe-inspiring gesture, 95-year-old Pi Nghakliani from Mizoram donated her late husband’s one month pension to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Her husband was a lawmaker in Mizoram. Since she really wanted to help out, she decided to take this bold step. “Finally, she took a decision and donated Rs 14,500 of her late husband’s one-month pension to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund,” her daughter-in-law Zothangsangi Sangpuii added.

Nghakliani used to be a tailor and decided to utilise her skills to do as much as she can. She has been sewing masks to give away for free. “She has also donated more than 30 masks to nurses and doctors of a nursing home in Aizawl,” her daughter-in-law said.

“There is an acute shortage of masks in Mizoram and they are expensive too. The Chinese masks, which cost Rs 10 earlier, are now being sold at Rs 100-200 per piece. So, she thought it would be nice to donate for the cause. It’s a very small gesture,” Sangpuii said, as reported by New Indian Express.

Sangpuii further revealed how her mother-in-law has seen a lot during her lifetime. “She says she had seen World War II and the insurgency movement in Mizoram. She said she and many others had to run to a village in Assam’s Haflong in 1966 and hide there for two years during the movement. She also said she had never seen a situation like the one created now by COVID-19 pandemic,” Sangpuii said.

Chief Minister Zoramthanga got really impressed with her efforts and tweeted, “Here is an incredible story of Pi Nghakliani (95) w/o Pu Lalrinliana (L) Ex-MLA; who’s not just yet done with donating her 1-month pensioner’s salary to the Chief Minister’s RF, yet still sew face masks and handing them out to whoever needs it!”

With eyes not as bright as a 20-year-old’s and strength withering off her hands, she proves that where there is a will, you will find a way. What she is doing is remarkable!

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Doing her bit too, an 8-year-old Faith Ramropuia from North Khawlek village near the Manipur border used her savings from her piggy bank to donate to the COVID-19 village task force.

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