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This 5-Year-Old Girl From Chennai Shot 111 Arrows In 13 Minutes While Being Suspended Upside Down. She Is A Child Prodigy

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Anyone who knows me even remotely will tell you that I am not athletic. I would much rather curl up in bed with a good book than go out and throw the ball around. Even as I child, I was hopeless when it came to sports. During PE classes in school, I would hide in the shadows hoping no one would see me and force me to play. I think my disinterest in sports stems from the fact that I have zero hand-eye coordination and I am incredibly clumsy. 

However, that doesn’t mean that I am not amazed by the wonders that athletes can do. They train relentlessly and play each match as if their lives depend on it. It takes a whole new level of dedication and perseverance. Although, there are some athletes who develop the skill and there are some who are just born with it. And today, I wanted to talk about a little girl who seems to have a brilliant inborn talent for archery. 

Taking to Twitter, ANI posted pictures of Sanjana, a 5-year-old girl from Chennai who is on her way to set a world record in archery. On 15th August, she shot 111 arrows in 13 minutes and 12 seconds while being suspended in the air upside down. 

Sanjana’s trainer, Shihan Hussaini said, “Sanjana became the first child in the entire world to set a record for shooting 111 arrows in 13 minutes and 12 seconds in the upside-down position. She has set a mindblowing record. We are going to send it to the Guinness Book of World Record for validation.” 

Yep, this girl is going to have a Guinness World Record to her name. When I was 5, my biggest achievement was eating all my peas and broccoli. 

Her trainer further added, “Normally in any world competition and national competition, the trained archers shoot 6 arrows in 4 minutes which means 30 arrows in 20 minutes.” Sanjana shot these arrows non-stop for 13 minutes and even managed to hit the bull’s eye. Remember, she did all this while hanging upside down. 

According to reports, Sanjana was performing in front of chief guest Pramod Chandurkar, who is the Secretary-General of the Archery Association of India, and also Virendra Sachdeva, president of the Delhi Archery Association. 

Her future seems more on point than her arrows. 

Speaking of her future plans, Sanjana’s father said, “Sanjana will make one record every Independence Day till she is 10 years old after which she will train for the Olympics in the year 2032, bring home several gold medals, and make her country proud.” Well, no pressure on this 5-year-old girl.  

These pictures of Sanjana’s achievements went viral and of course, the Twitterati had much to say about it. Mainly, they showered her with love and praises. 

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Check out their reactions:

It’s not every day that we come across a child prodigy but if at the age of 5, Sanjana can accomplish a feat like this, imagine what she can do with time and the right training. We really hope she reaches the Olympics someday and makes us proud; she already has the skills for it.

More power to her!

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