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Tehas Nehas Is Khaali Peeli’s Latest Song. Can Someone Explain The Lyrics, The Lack Of Chemistry And Why The Garage Doesn’t Have A Roof?

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There used to be a time, not too long ago, when ahead of a movie release, I would often find myself eagerly waiting for the banner to drop a song, just so I would have something to look forward to before going to the theatre to watch it. The songs that would drop right after the trailers, used to act as the biggest magnets, in reeling us in with the contagious lyrics and tune. Some would go to on the become ear worms. Cut to present, when ahead of the movie release, that is exactly what we dread, because the songs seem to be getting worse. We say this after listening to Tehas Nehas

You see, the songs that now a days drop before the launch of a movie, are still acting as magnets, except this time around they seem to be repelling us more than they pull us in. With meaning, content, substance, and even originality, all lacking from the tracks, it seems like all Bollywood is capable of producing is offensive and trashy songs, that don’t so much as rhyme at this point. And perhaps, acing this weird and annoying trend of offending people and perpetuating a disinterest, have been the song releases of the movie – Khaali Peeli.

The makers of the movie Khaali Peeli who shot to (de)fame because of a racist and sexist song  Beyoncé Sharma Jaayegi (now corrected to Beyonse but just as bad) are back with another track called Tehas Nehas which is pretty much living up to its name. In the sense that it is smashing whatever hope people had left to give this movie a watch with problematic lyrics and pointless existence. Because being shot down once from the audience wasn’t enough.

Now, I maybe wrong here, which for the sake of director Maqbool Khan and producers Himanshu Kishan Mehra, Ali Abbas Zafar, and Zee Studios, I hope I am, but seems like they have taken upon themselves a project that involves a whole lot of self sabotage. And we say this, after coming across their newest regret and mistake, as they unleashed upon the audience, this song that has gained more dislikes than likes in just 5 hours. We’re talking about 15K likes going up against a solid 27K dislikes ratio.

The Tehas Nehas song, shot in a garage, which then suddenly has no ceiling because it starts raining while they’re still prancing inside, shows both Ananya Pandey and Ishan Khatter, dancing to the beats and lyrics of this cringe-worthy song, beat to beat. Meanwhile, the lyrics include lines like, “Ik tu hi to chikni chameli Tujhpe phisla hai dil mera daily Jab bhi sharmaaye tu chhuriyan chalaye tu”, while Ananya Pandey sings to this in return, “Hai galti hai teri ismein kya galti Meri adayein kuchh aisi Nahi hain neeyatein sambhalti”. Which of we’re right, straight up absolves men of their disgusting intentions towards women because uff, their womanly charms the penis right out. Alright, then.


From going on to compare a girl with a “Konkani machli “, to calling her consent or the lack of it, tantrums, there is nothing salvageable about this song. And we’re unsure what was even the point of making it, when the world would’ve been a much better place without it.

Which leads us to think that, either of two things is happening here – one where the producers of such movies and songs have started assuming that the audience doesn’t really listen to the lyrics of such songs (which we, as constantly disappointed audience, should consider doing) or that they simply don’t care whom they offend at this point at all. Global icon and singing sensation Beyoncé? Who cares! All of womanhood listening to this song? They’ll get over it. But the thing is, before we get over it, we will get into it and rip it apart for the misogyny it reflects. #TehasNehas

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