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WhatsApp’s New Feature Will Soon Allow You To Pin Bae’s Chat

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I know, just like me, you were also waiting for the next update from any one of the social media giants, and looks like WhatsApp has reached the finish line first — for now. You will now be able to pin chats and make them a priority.

It seems to me that they wanted to incorporate certain Pinterest features into their app, and so came up with this update, which frankly, isn’t a major game changer.

Still at the testing level, once you long press a chat, WhatsApp will give you the option to pin it at the top. At any given time, you can pin 3 chats. No matter how many new messages you get, the top 3 will stay intact.

So now the choice is yours — who will they be? Careful there, the messaging app is already infamous for controversies.

And for when you have a fight with your #BFF, you can simply un-pin the chat the same way — by long pressing it.

This soon-to-be available update is helpful for those who have too many chats going on, but only chat regularly with a few. And if you can’t wait for it to hit the Playstore, you can sign up for the beta version here.


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