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Apple’s New App Will Take Your Videos To The Next Level

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Looks like it’s the season of new in the house of Apple — did you see that super haute, limited edition iPhone RED the brand just launched? And now it’s giving you an app that will take your social media game many notches higher. Clips is an app that will change the way you shoot and upload social media videos and here’s why you should use it.




The app features a unique design for directly combining video clips, photos, and music into great-looking videos without the hassle of using any other editing apps.

The user interface is pretty cool, and the app opens on a page that has a square format camera, which works best for Instagram. Below the capture screen, there are Photo, Video, and Library options. At the top, there are 4 options that will help you customise your videos — Live Titles, Filters, Overlays, and Posters.

There is also a timeline right at the bottom that will let you string a number of images and clips together to make a larger format video. That’s basically the motive of the app — to join shorter clips and make a fun little video.

Now, most of the features, such as adding filters, using emojis, putting in music, etc., have been used before, but what interests us is the Live feature. So how does that work?

While you’re talking in the video, your words will automatically get converted to text via voice recognition, and show up on the screen. That’s pretty cool and helps save so much time, no? You can choose the font, style, colour, etc. you want on your titles, and they will automatically get included in your videos. The posters feature lets you add slides between 2 clips and is amazing for ‘How To’ videos. Talking about that, check out some easy ones here.




If you are shooting a video directly, the video’s length can be up to 30 minutes. But if you’re joining different clips together, then your video can go on for 60 minutes. What you can’t do is scribble on the videos, like you can on Snapchat.

Another interesting feature is that the app directly identifies the people in the video and, if they are in your contacts, it will give you a notification to share the clip with them on iMessage.

Clips will be available for free from April on the Apple store for iPhone 5s users and above. And for us android users, we will have to wait patiently for our luck to shine.



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