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Swara Bhasker, Bhumi Pednekar And Others Applaud Deepika Padukone For Turning Up At The JNU Protests. You Go Girl

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This is a very bittersweet time for our country. Bitter because obviously people are getting beaten up mercilessly, thousands of people are on the road taking part in protests and the general atmosphere of our country is that of unrest. But do you know why it a sweet time for India too? There is finally a sense of unity and patriotism in the air. We are a melting pot of cultures and religions so it a rare occasion when everyone comes together, and this time to condemn something that is horribly wrong.

The JNU incident took place just as the CAA protests were dying down. Probably that is why people did not waste even a day to take to the streets in support of the students and teachers. Not only common citizens, this time even Bollywood did not slack off when it came to expressing their solidarity and demanding immediate and severe action.

But one star that really stole the whole show by not only talking about the issue but actually going to JNU to stand amongst the students was Deepika Padukone. But you already know that and no matter what people say, even it was a promotional stunt for Chappak, it was mighty courageous.

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We don’t believe it was a promotional stunt. We think she was in the capital for promotions and stopped by the protests to show that Bollywood stands with the students and faculty members of JNU. This gesture of hers has received a lot of mixed reactions but what we noticed was that a lot of actresses have taken to social media to support Deepika and appreciate her stand. We are absolutely loving all these women supporting and lifting each other up. This is exactly how it is supposed to be, after all, united we stand, right?

Bhumi Pednekar who is known for picking roles that add to the feminist movement, took to Twitter this morning to laud Deepika. She said “More power to you Deepika Padukone, can’t wait to watch Chappak tonight. United we stand.”

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Earlier today, Huma Qureshi left a short and sweet message for Deepika on Twitter. She said “Rock star Deepika Padukone (insert a red heart) #enoughsaid.”

Swara Bhasker, one of the most socio-politically aware and headstrong actresses we have, posted a cute meme in appreciation of Deepika’s efforts. The tweet read, ““It’s so bad, even Bollywood is here!” Swara Bhasker wrote in a series of Instagram stories hailing Deepika Padukone.””

Then we have Sonakshi Sinha who appreciated Deepika while also giving out the message that we can’t stay silent now. Her tweet read, “No matter which political party you support, do u support violence? Don’t visuals of bleeding students and teachers shake you up? We can’t sit on the fence any longer. Kudos to @deepikapadukone for showing up,& all those who spoke for speaking up. This is not the time to stay quiet.”

These are just four examples, Deepika’s gesture has been appreciated by more than half of Bollywood. Alia Bhatt and others also condemned these attacks. And rightly so, what she did gave out a message of unity and solidarity and that is what we need right now.

Kudos, Deepika and kudos to all the actresses who appreciated her. Let’s keep spreading the love!

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