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#Spread Positivity: This Video Of Mahesh Bhupathi’s Adorable 2-Year-Old Niece Asking Coronavirus To Go Will Make Your Heart Melt

April 06, 2020 | by Mitali Shah
FI Mahesh Bhupati Niece

If someone would’ve told me a few months ago that in the near future, practically the whole world would be locked inside because of a killer virus on the loose, I would’ve laughed in their faces. Truth is, no one thought coronavirus would blow up the way that it did. I mean, right now even stepping out of our homes is a luxury that we can’t afford.

But it’s times like these that you connect with your family and learn the importance of everything that we took for granted. I know it’s not easy to be stuck in the house all day and by now we all feel extremely cooped up and suffocated. But leaning into those feelings is not going to make this any better. Do you know what might? Doing things that are happy and positive. We need to be spreading cheer and joy instead of feeding our paranoia.

Okay, for example, instead of watching the news all day long watch something that is going to keep you entertained and joyous. Like this video of Mahesh Bhupathi’s 2-year-old niece who is as fed up with corona as we are, but she has her own reasons and it’s adorable to a whole new level.

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On Sunday, the former tennis player, Mahesh Bhupathi posted this video on Twitter saying that his niece was spreading cheer in his family amid the lockdown. The caption on the video read, “My 2-year-old niece has had just about enough!! Yet has made us all smile all morning.”

In the video, this little girl is trying her best to say, “coronavirus go”. When she was asked why she wants coronavirus to be gone, she said it’s “because the shop is closed”. She was further asked what she wanted from the shop she cutely said, “A basketball”.

This video made me smile so much after so long. This little girl is so cute that my heart melted when she slips up and says, “go basketball” instead of “go coronavirus”.

Ever since Mahesh Bhupathi posted this video, it has got nearly 30,000 views. It’s not surprising since his niece is probably the cutest kid ever.

Do you see what I am talking about when I say it’s better to look at this with an optimistic and a happy attitude than be grumpy and sad all the time? Let’s all spread some positivity to make sure these tough times don’t stop us from living our best lives (at home).


Mitali Shah

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