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Since The Quarantine Seems Like It Will Never End, Here’s How I Am Wasting My Time During The Lockdown

April 07, 2020 | by Sama Meerza
FI I Have Mastered The Art Of Wasting Time

Hello, my fellow quarantined friends. How is it going? If you care, and you probably don’t, but I want you to know that I am practically dying here. I really want to go out to meet my squad and hug them like it’s my last day on planet earth. That’s how I would hug before all this even started so clearly this quarantine has made much of a difference. My point is that if I have to stay indoors any longer I will take the risk and be the stupid citizen of India and leave home. Judge me all you want, but you know you want to do it too, right?

One can only binge-watch and sleep so much. I mean, I am out of stock on dreams. I don’t even know what to dream about anymore. I never thought that doing nothing would be so tiresome. Every week at work I would think about the weekend and how I shall stay dead in those two days, but now I just want things to go back to normal already!  So, I thought why not try a few different things to keep myself occupied – so that I have new things to get bored of. Here’s how I am wasting my time during the lockdown and no it doesn’t involve watching and movies or TV shows.

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Applying face masks

I thank god for all the face masks I was hoarding. I never knew why I did that, but everything has a purpose after all. Now, I know you’re wondering why I am beautifying myself, but at this point I will do anything to not get bored. I almost downloaded TikTok on my phone. I am sure applying face masks and wasting 10-15 mins of my life sounds better now, huh? And it also keeps my skin acne-free so that is a plus point.

Hogging on anything remotely edible

Have you seen that meme where it says “me opening the fridge for the 5ooth time today because I am bored”? Yeah, that is currently my situation. Every two minutes I walk into the kitchen and find some rubbish to munch on and pester my mum for food. I am scared that she might just end up selling me on eBay or something.

Learning how to cook

Since my Nani is around and keeps saying I should get married, I decided to prepare for being the best “bahu/wife” anyone could have asked for. It’s a different thing that I almost burned my house down, but as long as cooking/ arson makes my nani happy, I will do it. Plus I have all the time in the world to set everyone I love on fire 🙂

Video calling everyone I know

People who are my friends probably regret befriending me. There is not a single day where I don’t try to contact my friends through a video call. All I do is want to catch up with my buddies and rant about how bored I am. Do you think they are ignoring me?

Doing my nails

The last time I went to a salon, the guy who was doing my nails asked me when was the last time I sat down and did my nails. Well, see you after the lockdown buddy – you will never be able to recognise my nails. I cut, I file, I polish and make them look all pretty. And I am someone who hates spending time on my nails, but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do when she is bored af!

Playing ludo

I remember the time when people would laugh at me for playing Ludo. Look at how the tables have turned. My parents should be proud of me for not being a cocaine addict, but a Ludo addict instead. I am indeed a Ludo Queen.  Also, I am so competitive it’s crazy. Ludo is the only thing that’s keeping us all alive and kickin’.


Sama Meerza

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