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Shilpa Shetty’s Birthday Post For Her Mother-In-Law Is Proof That It Need Not Be A Bad Relationship

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There are a lot of things about marriage intimidate me. From finding a guy who will not only match mine but my parent’s checklist to actually getting myself to that mandap, I have some serious doubts. But then again, I am 23 I am supposed to have these doubts. My adult life has just barely begun. The thing is, ever since we were kids we have been fed the “marriage is between two families” logic. Just thinking about living with another family who up until today has no idea I exist, scares the daylights out of me. 

I grew up watching TV serials where the mother-in-law is this vicious, almost murderous character. Her only goal in life was to make her daughter-in-law’s life a living hell. I have heard of people’s marriages breaking up because the husband is too much of a wuss to take the wife’s side while mother-in-law was ruling with an iron fist. So, when my parents make these subtle jokes about my marriage, I am terrified at the thought of having a MIL in my future because most of the examples I have are bad ones. 

Although, today when I saw Shilpa Shetty’s adorable birthday post of her mother-in-law, my perspective altered a little. 

You see, Shilpa shared this very amusing video of her and her MIL grooving together to the hit Punjabi song Sauda Khara Khara. The video was accompanied by the sweetest caption that read, “Happpyyy birthdayyyyyy to the most amazing Mom (in law). You are the ultimate Rockstar in our family… We are so lucky to have your hands on our heads. I’m the luckiest daughter (in law) to have a friend and dance partner in you. May you always dance through life with happiness and good health always. We love you. #gratitude #birthdaygirl #mominlaw #rockstar #dance.” 

In the video, Shilpa’s son Viaan also joined them for the dance while her husband, I am assuming, is the one behind the camera asking them if they know the moves. You can just see that Shilpa’s relationship with her MIL is unlike the usual run-off-the-mill kind. 

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This is not the first time Shilpa has shared an appreciation post for her MIL either. During this lockdown itself, Shilpa shared a video of her MIL working out and called her an inspiration. She said, “My 68-year-old Mom-in-law working out and I sneaked up on her… this is sooo inspiring. She’s highly diabetic but just the fact that she takes the time out to walk (even if it’s around the house) or do yoga/stretch or breathe… she makes that effort. I respect the discipline she maintains, only shows that she ‘values’ her health. This video is so inspiring, it is proof that it’s never too late to start.” 

That’s the kind of relationship, I think, any girl would want with their mother-in-law’s. To be that free, chill and make amazing dance videos like this one. 

Future MIL, if you are reading, let’s be friends, okay?

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