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Shahrukh Khan Talking About The Impact Of The #MeToo Movement Has Us Wishing All Men Were Like Him

December 10, 2019 | by Mitali Shah
SRK On MeToo

Just like most women in India, Shahrukh Khan is my heart-throb as well. I have loved him ever since I watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge for the first time. Even today, he represents everything I want in my future partner- witty, intelligent, charismatic and good looking (Duh, have you seen those dimples?). As a kid, I always thought he was dreamy and handsome. But as I grew older and started understanding how this industry really worked, I had a newfound respect for him. His wit, chivalry and gentleman-like nature is what I wish every man would possess. However, I realise that the average Indian male is going to be nothing like him.

Shahrukh is known for his insights and witty remarks. That is why when he spoke about the #MeToo movement and how it has affected our industry, we knew it would be worth it. He is after all the only actor who has addressed the #MeToo movement and called out the fact that mainstream cinema still does not take it as seriously as they should.

In a recent interview with a BBC reporter, Shahrukh began talking about the MeToo wave by saying that even though the movement began in the west, when it hit Bollywood last year it gave a voice to the women who might’ve have experienced something a few years ago. He also said that it gave those women a support system to come out and talk about their stories.

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When the 54-year-old actor was asked if Indian cinema had touched upon stories that are empowering to women, he said “We don’t do it in the depth and the seriousness with which one should do it. I would always be a hero in the film, be on the side of empowering a woman but maybe we sometimes lack depth. But the new wave of cinema, they are regular films and they look at notions and issues like this and deal with them with more depth and seriousness.” He also added that we need more movies like Chak De! India and Dangal that take on an issue as well as entertain the audience.

If you think about it, there is a very niche cinema within our commercial cinema that is trying to make movies that have a strong message and contain elements that engage the audience as well. These are the kind of movies that need to be able to come out on the forefront and blend into our commercial mainstream movies. This way the message will not get stuck in the division between class and mass.

SRK went on to talk about the impact the movement has created, he said “The greatness of this movement is that in the future, we have to accept that people do mistreat women in most fields than not, it has been a conversation everywhere. In the cinematic world and media world, it has made us a little more aware now. I think the main thing is that people are aware that this is not going to go untouched if somebody behaves in an improper manner.”

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We do agree with him. Workplace harassment has been an issue in most fields. It isn’t just Bollywood and media, women and even men in almost every field experience some form of harassment. Even though the #MeToo movement died an early death and only affected the accused men for all of 5 minutes, at least it spread awareness. Now, people will think twenty times before misbehaving with anyone and that is what is important here. That is the silver lining in this situation, it might not have been the change we were expecting it to be but at least it was the first step.

Before signing off, Shahrukh also talked about what his idea of respecting a woman is and how his 21-year-old son Aryan has imbibed the same qualities. He said “I teach my 21-year-old son that disrespecting a person is not okay, and I don’t mean beating or the kind of things that #MeToo has brought out. I’m talking about basic respect. I’ve been married for 30 years I’ve never looked into my wife’s purse. I still knock on the bedroom door if she’s changing; I knock on my daughter’s bedroom door. They know it’s me, but this is their space.”

Can all men please be more like him?


Mitali Shah

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