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Women In Saudi Arabia Allowed To Take Up Arms And Join The Military. This Is A Landmark Move For Saudi Women!

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The fight for women’s rights in countries like Saudi Arabia have been but a dance of tango. One step forward, two steps back. And as women have been trying to maneuvre their way to a position where they won’t be denied the most basic of amenities or have to look to their male guardians for things as simple as driving and travelling, despite a lot of setbacks they seem to have made a breakthrough. We say this after the latest piece of news from Saudi Arabia, where women can now take up arms and enter the military.

A landmark decision under the rule of  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, this news comes as a breath of freedom and a whole lotta hope for Saudi women, for whom this profession had always stayed off limits. Making a way for women to pick up guns and enter into this predominantly male field, change now seems to be just around the corner for the women of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi-based Arab News shared that women can now be employed as soldiers, lance corporals, corporals, sergeants, and staff sergeants under the Saudi Arabia Military. The decision has been taken as a part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s plans to transform the Arab world’s largest economy by encouraging more and more participation from women.

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Where women weren’t allowed to leave their houses or get jobs that would involve frequent interaction, they can now be seen employed in every nook and corner. From serving coffee to assisting people in buying, to now even taking up arms to protect the country on the frontline, women are finally finding their way to equal rights, one judgement at a time.

The previous couple of years have seen women in Saudi Arabia being allowed to drive, travel by their lonesome and with their own will and accord, and even take up jobs that were earlier only restricted to men. Keeping up with the tradition, we will now see women gear up and serve as army soldiers.

Although the plan to allow women into the army was announced back in 2019, it is now finally beginning to take shape. The criteria for women wishing to enroll for the military remains general, along with a few extra guidelines to keep in mind. Female applicants need to have had at least a high school education and those married to foreigners would not be allowed to send in their applications.

Following this, there are talks that under the progressive rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the women of Saudi Arabia can also look at being eligible to be appointed as ‘judges’. The change might have taken a lot of time, consistent efforts and patience, but with such rules coming into place that are enabling women to do and be more, it is safe to say that if not the present, the future is definitely going to be female.

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