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Sameera Reddy Talks About Her Experience With Postpartum Depression And Equal Parenting. We Love Her For Always Keeping It Real

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There are a few aspects of motherhood that no one really prepares you for. How much breastfeeding will hurt, constant anxiety, sleep deprivation are just a few small aspects. However, today we are discussing something that happens to most women but is very rarely talked about: postpartum depression. Like most things in our country relating to women, this very commonly occurring phenomenon has a sense of stigma attached to it. No one wants to talk about the darker sides of motherhood and admitting to postpartum depression encroaches on that territory. Although, times are now slowly changing. Celebrities like Sameera Reddy are not only openly talking about postpartum depression but also sharing their experiences to help women going through it. We love her for always telling it like it is.

In a recent interview with Times Now Digital, Sameera Reddy, a mother of two, opened up about her experience with postpartum depression and how she coped with it. She emphasized having dialogues about this with both men and women. It’s time to change this glorified image of motherhood with something a tad more realistic.

Talking about the time she experienced postpartum depression, Sameera said, “A lot of women go through postpartum depression and not everyone is verbal about it.” She said that women need double the dosage of love and support and doing self-care activities like yoga and meditation definitely help.

Sameera talked about how her husband, Akshai Varde, was her support system through this tough time. He would patiently be there for her and constantly reassure her that things were going to be alright. She said, “I remember how patient he was with me and took the time to soothe me with gentle reassurance that everything was going to be okay.” Men, please take notes.

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Being a mother is a daunting task. Especially if your own mental health is in shambles. This is why Sameera says that it’s important to do things that cheer you up as well. Her advice to new mothers is, “rest as much as you can and sleep when the baby is sleeping. Spend time doing the things that put a smile on your face and don’t be afraid to talk about it.”

Moving on, she talks about how there are no gender-defined roles when it comes to parenting. Sameera Reddy and her husband Akshai Varde share all the responsibilities of raising their children together. She said, “Parenthood teaches you many things, most importantly, it makes you more responsible. I have always been particular about things but being a parent enhances that.” Further adding, “There are no mom and dad roles at home, just a whole lot of teamwork and commitment to our kids and each other. Responsibility also comes into play because it’s your role as a parent to shape the lives of your little ones and raise them to embrace the world. So, it’s about instilling the right values, being communicative with them and encouraging them to be themselves.”

Most families in India don’t follow the equal parenting system. It’s primarily considered a woman’s job. But as I said, times are changing as they should. People are finally understanding that there is no scope of gender norms when it comes to raising children. Sameera Reddy is providing an amazing example. I hope people follow in her footsteps.

I absolutely love how real Sameera Reddy always keeps it.

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