Rishi Kapoor Shares A Sexist Meme About Coronavirus. Yaar, These Aren’t Funny

How do you react when an uncle of yours sends one of those “my wife is so nagging it’s better if I don’t go home” or the “husbands always have to go through so much since the wives are always hysterical” jokes? We have all received them at some point or another and I hate them with a fury for three reasons. One, they are downright sexist, two – they perpetuate every stereotype about women ever, and three, they victimise the men. Which if you ask me is utter bullshit since maybe they forgot about the hundred years of oppression womenkind has faced (and is still facing).

This is not me getting butthurt over something that is just a joke. Some jokes need to be buried and never resurrected because they aren’t funny and extremely offensive.

The reason I am so riled up about this is that veteran actor Rishi Kapoor behaved like one of those uncles on a family group, and posted one of these jokes on Twitter. He posted a picture of a man with long ears with the text “5 days at home listening to wife”. He captioned the post, “On a lighter note! Side effects of the Coronavirus”.

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I’m sorry, is this supposed to be funny? Because I have half a mind of reporting this. I don’t get it, no matter what the problem is men always find a way to use it to insult women. But what is worse is that Rishi Kapoor has now told his 3.4M (blind) followers that this is how he perceives women and now they are going to get encouraged to forward jokes like these and make comments too.

You know what else? Instead of spread positivity and motivating people to stay inside during these horrible times, Rishi Kapoor thought it was good idea to publicly insult women. It’s always heartwarming to know how the “patriarchs” perceive women.

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Luckily not all men of the industry are misogynistic pigs, Shoojit Sircar called Rishi Kapoor out by tweeting, “Ya just 5 days.. woman /wife’s/mother’s have been locked down since generations serving the family.”

Thank you! We need more men that actually understand why it is messed up to joke about women like that. Why don’t people knock sense into these idiots.

Guys, if you send these kind jokes that perpetuate ridiculous stereotypes about women or if you know anyone who sends them, please tell them to stop. They are extremely sexist, and no one needs any more negativity right now.


Mitali Shah

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