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Rangoli Chandel Revealed The Horrifying Details Of Her Acid Attack And It Will Enrage You. We’ve So Much Respect For Her

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When you’re living in a country like India, chances are, that you’re already acquainted to the trauma and have experienced harassment in one way or the other. I say this after having carried my own scars with me for more than 6 years now, realising that nothing much has changed since then. And I am not the only one who often finds herself thinking back to the moment when it all happened and changed everything. Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel who has been an acid attack survivor, too sometimes thinks back to a dreadful, traumatic time in her life. She recently opened up about the matter on her Twitter account.

In a series of tweets by Kangana’s sisters, we saw a different side to the bold and fearless woman come to the fore, as she thought back to the time a guy threw one litre of acid on Rangoli’s face and almost beat her little sister Kangana Ranaut to death during the episode. It was after she shared a picture of herself during the childhood days on twitter that she mentioned, “Shortly after this image was clicked, the guy whose proposal I refused threw one litre acid on my face, I had to go through 54 surgeries strangely and simultaneously my little sister was physically assaulted and almost beaten to death for what ?….. Cause our parents gave birth to beautiful, intelligent and confident daughters, world is not kind to girl child ,time to fight all kind of social evil … so it’s safer for our children”

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Speaking about the horrific incident that took place in Dehradun, Rangoli let out the gruesome details of what came after the acid attack on her. Many followers on twitter, shared just how proud they were of Rangoli to have put up a brave front during the time and even now, being comfortable with her perceived imperfections. One user wrote, “How can you be so brave? Any tips for the youngster’s to how to tackle the hardship ? Our country has poor Rankings in happiness index. What would you like to recommend to the youths to be happy?” to which Rangoli replied, “I don’t know wat to say honestly I had given up on my life, my now husband bt back den jst a normal friend washd my wounds &waited outside operation theatres fr years vry supportive sister & parents collectively breathed life in to me.. can’t take credit fr wat my life is today.”

And honestly, after reading this, we too had new found respect for the woman, who has gone through hell on earth and emerged a fighter, living her life, not with regret but with pride and such bravery. We can’t imagine the ordeal she went through, having seen her skin melt away, just because she hurt the fragile male ego. A decision that she paid for with 54 surgeries and scars that might never leave her.  But like they say, what doesn’t kill you, only make you stronger, and we have this sister duo to prove just that.

Talking about how her acid attack burns, she said that she still has complications while breast-feeding her son, or even when she stretches her neck too much. It hasn’t been easy for her, but she hasn’t been the kind to give up. With the support of her husband, sister Kangana Ranaut and her parents, she now leads a happy life in Manali and thinks about what will come next, rather than what has happened in the past.

One user even questioned her if she knows where the man who did this to her is, considering he was out on bail within a few days of his arrest, Rangoli replied, “I don’t know initially I wanted to know everything but my sister helped me disassociate from all this, it was harming my recovery process and now my husband and my son are my priority not going after a culprit. I do believe sadak chaap romeos are a big evil of our society and we need to fight the mindset not individuals.” And to that, we agree cent percent. Such men, with a depraved and deranged mindset must be kept in check, or better yet, thrown behind bars for good, so that no another woman would have to pay for standing her ground, like Rangoli and Kangana did. More power to them!

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